Lords of the Fallen: Best Strength Weapon [Top 5]

Here, you can learn everything about the best strength weapon in Lords of the Fallen, along with their stats and some tips.

Lords of the Fallen has 12 different weapon types, and among them, many scales with Strength. Such weapon types do a crazy amount of damage, and it is one of the most loved ones. In Lords of the Fallen, there are many options available, so it is difficult to choose the best Strength Weapon.

Key Takeaways
  • Among all the Strength Weapons, I have ranked the five best ones I could find in Lords of the Fallen.
  • The weapons are ranked in accordance with their worth in Lords of the Fallen, and the best one is Faithful Bludgeon.
  • Faithful Bludgeon has fewer stat requirements, and it deals great physical damage.
  • The other great thing about Faithful Bludgeon is that it can inflict burn on enemies.
  • The disadvantage of Faithful Bludgeon would be that it is not a welcoming weapon to beginners.
  • The significance of the weapon is arguably high due to its massive damage and status effect.
  • If you don’t like Faithful Bludgeon, then Pale Butcher’s Blade is also a great option.

Best Strength Weapons In Lords of the Fallen

Here is an overview of the best strength weapons I could in the early game, along with their stats:

Thorned Crimson Rector SwordLong Sword18121 + 23000
Angel's AxeGrand Axe24.5153 + 24000
Anvil HammerGrand Hammer28.2198 + 18000
Pale Butcher's BladeGrand Sword34.1118 + 230037
Faithful BludgeonGrand Hammer34.4168 + 32000

5- Thorned Crimson Rector Sword

Thorned Crimson Rector Sword Stats Value
Type Long Sword
Weight 18
Physical 121 + 23
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Bleed 60
Thorned Crimson Rector Sword (Image Captured By Obaid)

If you want to start Lords of the Fallen with the best early-game Strength weapon, then you must try the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword. You can also try the normal one, but the Thorned one inflicts bleed, too, so I prefer it more. In the early areas of Lords of the Fallen, it might be hard to decide on one weapon, so you can just choose Thorned Crimson Rector without giving it a second thought.

I used the sword at the start, and it was an absolute beast for an early-game weapon. As it is a Strength weapon, it deals high poise damage too, which stuns the normal enemies even if they are in the middle of an attack. I really like the weapon as it doesn’t have an insane stats requirement, and it also inflicts bleed. If you coat your sword in the fire or any other status effect with an item, you will deal huge amounts of damage, even to a boss.

4- Angel’s Axe

Angel’s Axe Stats Value
Type Grand Axe
Weight 24.5 
Physical 153 + 24
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Angel’s Axe (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)

After using the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword for a while, I found Angel’s Axe, which is one of the best strength weapons in Lords of the Fallen. The weapon doesn’t deal any other damage except for the physical one, but it has great scaling.  If you are a fan of pure strength-based weapons, then Angel’s Axe is the right choice for you in the early game.

The weapon does great damage, and if you coat it with any status effect, it nearly becomes unstoppable in the early game. While it is viable in the mid-game area, I would recommend trying different weapons, too, as there are so many. Anegl’s Axe just requires 22 Strength to be wielded, which isn’t that much, and many players can achieve it easily. I had a really great experience with the axe, so I would recommend you try it at least once in your playthrough.

3- Anvil Hammer

Anvil Hammer Stats Value
Type Grand Hammer
Weight 28.2
Physical 198 + 18
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Anvil Hammer (Image Taken By Me)

If you want to just poise your way through everything, then Anvil Hammer is probably the right choice for you. I have over 11 hours in Lords of the Fallen, and Anvil Hammer is a weapon that I would recommend as a must-try weapon. While there are tons of weapons in-game, the developer punishes the players by giving massive stat requirements in order to wield the weapon.

 However, that is not the case with Anvil Hammer, as you just need 18 Strength and 8 Agility, which you will have by default. If you chose the Urdirangr Warwolf class, then you just have to allocate 2 points in Strength, and you will be able to wield the weapon. While I think the weapon does great physical damage, it should have a status effect build-up. If that were the case, then Anvil Hammer probably would have been the best Strength Weapon in the early or mid-game. 

You should definitely try the weapon, as it doesn’t require much. I had a really good experience with the weapon, and I would surely love to try it again.

2- Pale Butcher’s Blade

Pale Butcher’s Blade Stats Value
Type Grand Sword
Weight 34.1
Physical 118 + 23
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 37
Pale Butcher’s Blade (Screenshot Grab By Obaid)

The second best Strength Weapon in Lords of the Fallen, according to me, is the Pale Butcher’s Blade. The weapon is arguably great and close to being the best one, but due to its stats requirement, I had to place it at second. The weapon requires 25 Strength and 20 Agility, which is the only issue I could see in it.

Looking at the damage output, I think the stats requirements are fair, but some might not think the same. Pale Buthcer’s Blade deals high Physical Damage and, on top of that, deals Wither Damage, too. You won’t usually find many weapons in Lords of the Fallen that do Wither damage, so it makes the weapon worth a try. When you transition into the Umbral Relm, you will notice that half of your health turns grey; that is the Wither damage you receive.

So, with Pale Butcher’s Blade, you will be able to apply Wither on the enemies, which is a great mechanic. So, I would definitely recommend you to try the weapon even if you have to go out of your to allocate points in Agility.

1- Faithful Bludgeon

Faithful Bludgeon Stats Value
Type Grand Hammer
Weight 34.4 
Physical 168 + 32
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Burn 100
Faithful Bludgeon (Image Source: eXputer)

I have recently tried faithful Bludgeon, and it just blasts away the enemies. It is a great weapon that purely scales on Strength, so you won’t have to focus on allocating points in different stats. While the weapon deals high pure physical damage, it also inflicts burn on the enemies as it has 100 burn Build-Up, which is insane. 

Faithful Bludgeon, even without the burn status effect, would have been great, so it just makes the weapon top-tier in early and mid-game. The stat requirements aren’t that high either, as you just have to allocate 28 points in the Strength. These are the reasons why I believe Faithful Bludgeon is the best Strength Weapon in Lords of the Fallen.

Players who are new to the genre should not really mess with such heavy weapons as you might die a lot. Faithful Bludgeon is a massive hammer as it weighs 34.4, which means the swings are pretty wide. So, if you know how to handle such weapons, you must try out the weapon.

Which Strength Weapon Is The Best – My Take

My In-Game Hours

As I have organized the guide based on my personal experience in Lords of the Fallen, I think Faithful Bludgeon is the Best Strength weapon so far.

The weapon can be found pretty early in-game and doesn’t have crazy stat requirements, either. So, I think Faithful Bludgeon is a must-try weapon in Lords of the Fallen. If you are not a fan of hammers, then I recommend you try Pale Butcher’s Blade, which is a great weapon, as it deals with Wither Damage and high Physical Damage.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best strength weapon in Lords of the Fallen. While many strength weapons are available in-game, I think the five I have discussed are the best based on stats, damage, and personal preference. Of course, you can choose any among the five, as the rankings are based on my experience in Lords of the Fallen.

While you are at it, you should check out my guide on the Best Weapons In Lords of the Fallen so you can choose the best one among different categories. When you are done with that, make sure to read the Best Hallowed Knight Build in Lords of the Fallen if you have chosen the same class. After that, visit the page of How to Parry in Lords of the Fallen so you can understand the mechanics better.

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