Lords of the Fallen: Best Umbral Spells [Stats + Uses]

Here, you can find out everything about the best umbral spells available in Lords of the Fallen, along with some other necessary details.

Lords of the Fallen features three different types of spells: Umbral, Radiance, and Inferno. There are many great Umbral spells that can be found in-game, but as there are so many, it is hard to choose some. The Best Umbral Spells in Lords of the Fallen can be found pretty early, as many can be bought via Molhu.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 19 Umbral Spells in Lords of the Fallen, and I have ranked 5 best among them.
  • All 5 spells are ranked in accordance with their worth in Lords of the Fallen.
  • The best Umbral Spell, in my opinion, is Grieving Gaze, as it deals a huge amount of poise damage.
  • Along with the poise damage, it also does ice damage, which makes it the best.
  • In Lords of the Fallen, breaking the posture of the enemy without parrying is hard, so the significance of the Grieving Gaze is high.
  • The only disadvantage I could think of the spell is getting it, as players would need a remembrance of Hollow Crow to get Grieving Gaze.

Best Umbral Spells In Lords of the Fallen

Here is the overview of the best Umbral Spells, along with their stats: 

Umbral SpellMana CostRequired RadianceRequired InfernoBest For
Umbral Weapon601515The Best Spell To Apply Umbral On Weapon
Pestilent Blade391818My Personal Favorite Umbral Spell In Game
Misery Missile481515The Best Umbral Spell For Mid Game
Umbral Guardian522222The Best Umbral Spell To Increase Overall DPS
Grieving Gaze802525The Best Umbral Spell In Lords of the Fallen

5- Umbral Weapon

The Best Spell To Apply Umbral On Weapon.
Mana Cost Required Radiance Required Inferno
60 15 15
Umbral Weapon (Screenshot Taken By Obaid)

As said before, I really like the spells that coat the whole weapon into a particular status effect. When you cast Umbral Weapon, the weapon of your choice will be coated with Umbral Magic, and with each normal hit, you will do Wither Damage. It is the best way to apply Umbral on your weapon.

Doing two types of damage at the same time can be great and increase the DPS of your weapon. My current main weapon is the Bloody Glory, so I aim to coat it in the Umbral Magic and try out the damage it can do. It already has a 300 Bleed Build-Up, which is massive.

  • Applies Umbral on the weapon.
  • Increases the overall DPS.
  • High stat requirements.

4- Pestilent Blade

My Personal Favorite Umbral Spell In Game.
Mana Cost Required Radiance Required Inferno
39 18 18
Pestilent Blade (Screenshot Grab By Us)

Pestilent Blade is basically a mix-up of the Blood Harvest and the Poison Blade. When you cast the spell, a Raiper, which has a high-damage output, will be summoned. The spell will stack up Wither Damage along with Poison so the enemy will continue to take damage. Due to that, it is my personal favorite Umbral Spell in the game.

Pestilent Blade is also quite fast, so you wouldn’t have to worry about timing the enemy’s attack to trigger the effect. If you are aiming to go with an Umbral Build, then you must try out the spell.

  • Deals massive damage on a single hit.
  • Stack up wither and poison damage.
  • In my opinion, it has no cons.

3- Misery Missile

The Best Umbral Spell For Mid Game.
Mana Cost Required Radiance Required Inferno
48 15 15
Misery Missile (Image Taken By Us)

I really like Misery Missile, but getting the spell is not an easy task. The spell is guarded by Griefbound Rowena, one of the most annoying bosses in Lords of the Fallen.

Upon casting, a homing Umbral Spell will be unleashed, which will follow the enemy and explode on contact. The spell also damages the nearby enemies, and it stacks up the Wither Damage. That is why I consider it the best Umbral Spell for the mid-game.

  • The spell follows the enemy.
  • Deals good damage.
  • Getting it is extremely hard.

2- Umbral Guardian

The Best Umbral Spell To Increase Overall DPS.
Mana Cost Required Radiance Required Inferno
52 22 22
Umbral Guardian (Image Captured By eXputer)

If you want a weapon that can be obtained easily and does massive damage, then Umbral Guardian is your best choice. As Umbral Guardian attacks on its own, it increases the overall DPS, making it the best spell for that.

When you cast the spell, an Umbral Creature will be summoned who will deal Wither Damage to all the opponents within range. The creature will hit the enemies four times with Umbral Magic and then disappear.

  • Unleashes an Umbral entity that deals wither damage.
  • Has a good range.
  • It doesn’t have any cons.

1- Grieving Gaze

The Best Umbral Spell In Lords of the Fallen.
Mana Cost Required Radiance Required Inferno
80 25 25
Grieving Gaze (Image Taken By Obaid)

In my opinion, Grieving Gaze is the best Umbral Spell in Lords of the Fallen among all the available ones. You would need to get the remembrance of the Hollow Crow, so defeating the boss is necessary. After doing so, you can get the spell from Molhu. 

When you cast Grieving Gaze, a glowing star-shaped thing will appear and rain down shards of ice. The spell does good damage, and it also deals a great amount of poise damage to the opponent. So, it can be pretty useful in boss fights, making it a must-try spell in Lords of the Fallen.

  • Deals massive poise damage.
  • The damage is pretty good.
  • The casting time is a bit long.

Why I Didn’t Go For Others

While choosing the Best Umbral Spells in Lords of the Fallen, there are several other viable options worth considering. However, these didn’t make it to my top 5 list due to various individual factors:

  • Barrage Of Echoes: Although an excellent option, the spell consumes a significant amount of Mana and launches orbs in a wide arc, making it difficult to target specific enemies.
  • Latimer’s Javelin: A reasonable option, but it has a very short range compared to the other Umbral Spells I’ve chosen above.
  • Martyrdom: While it’s undeniably a potent spell against single targets, it cannot stun or slow enemies, unlike other Umbral spells.
  • Hibernal Cleave: A decent choice, though it falls short due to its narrow area of effect and a more limited range compared to the other Umbral spells I picked above.
  • Graveyard Fog: It has a relatively long cast time compared to other Umbral spells, and it doesn’t affect all enemies equally.

Which Umbral Spell Is The Best – My Experience

While there are many great Umbral Spells in Lords of the Fallen, I think the best is Grieving Gaze due to its great potential.

Umbral Spells are great and apply Wither, which is a really good mechanic in Lords of the Fallen. There are some spells that I really liked trying out, even if I don’t like magic in such games. Grieving Gaze, Umbral Gaurdian, and Umbral Weapon are three spells that I liked the most. So, I would highly recommend you to try them out. 

The guide is based on my experience in Lords of the Fallen, so your opinion on the best spell might differ from mine based on your preference. However, I would recommend trying out the spells that I have ranked. 

While you are at it, you should check out my guide on the Best Strength Weapon in Lords of the Fallen. When you are done with that, make sure to read the guide on Best Builds in Lords of the Fallen so you can have a variety to choose from. Also, visit the Best PC Settings page for Lords of the Fallen to get high FPS and better optimization

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