Lords of the Fallen: 9 Best Agility Weapons [Hands-On Guide]

Here, you can learn everything regarding the best agility weapon in Lords of the Fallen, along with some useful tips.

Lords of the Fallen have some of the best weapons and weapon types, and among them, there are a plethora of armaments that rank with agility. To find the best agility weapon in Lords of the Fallen, you won’t have to struggle much as they are easily obtained in the early game areas. 

Key Takeaways
  • Agility Weapons are one of the 12 weapon types, and they scale with Agility. 
  • Among 194 weapons in Lords of the Fallen, many scales with Agility, and I have ranked the 9 best ones.
  • The 9 agility weapons are ranked in accordance with their worth, with the 9th being the worst.
  • In my 14 hours of experience in Lords of the Fallen, I think Bloodlust is the best agility weapon due to it having two status effects. 
  • Bloodlust not only has two status effects, but it also deals fire and physical damage.
  • The significance of Bloodlust is great; if you infuse it with Holy, the damage will be insane.
  • The only disadvantage Bloodlust has is the low damage output before the status effect triggers. 

Best Agility Weapons In Lords of the Fallen

Here is the overview of the best agility weapons I could found in Lords of the Fallen so far:

BloodlustShort Sword8.337 + 0037 + 10
Serrated StaffPolearms13.566 + 100330
Pale Butcher's BladeGrand Sword34.1118 + 240037
Anvil HammerGrand Hammer28.2198 + 24000
Resh-Mesah's SwordGrand Sword32.0153 + 19000
Fitzroy's SwordLong Sword18.5124 + 19000
Hallowed PrasieShort Sword7.558 + 11900
Blackfeather Ranger AxeAxe6.596 + 12000
Sin-Piercer SwordShort Sword7.180 + 10000

9- Sin-Piercer Sword

Sin Piercer Sword (Image Taken By Obaid)
Sin-Piercer Sword StatsValue
TypeShort Sword
Physical80 + 10

After defeating Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds, I instantly got the Sin-Piercer Sword. The weapon is useful on many early-game enemies. The sword does just physical damage and scales both on Strength and Agility.

I really liked that the sword scales on two attributes instead of one, as it can provide more damage. You can use the weapon at the start, but I won’t recommend you to use it in the mid-game. The weapon really lacks the damage output to be used in the later areas of Lords of the Fallen. It doesn’t even have any status effect, which is one of the things I didn’t like about the weapon. 

8- Blackfeather Ranger Axe

Blackfeather Ranger Axe (Image Captured By Us)
Blackfeather Ranger Axe StatsValue
Physical96 + 12

The Blackfeather Ranger class will already have the weapon. Still, you can also buy it from Stomund after defeating Pieta. The damage isn’t crazy but it outperforms Sun Piercer and its agility stat scales better.

The Axe requires 8 Strength and 12 Agility to be wielded. I recommend you to dual-wield the Blackfeather Ranger Axe. Dual-wielding a weapon can be so fun in Lords of the Fallen, as you can do some great combos.

It might not be a good choice in the later game areas as it only does physical damage, and it doesn’t have any status effect. That is the reason why I don’t think it is anywhere close to the best agility weapon.

7- Hallowed Praise

Hallowed Prasie StatsValue
TypeShort Sword
Physical58 + 1
Hallowed Praise (Image Credits: eXputer)

If you want an agility weapon that can do Holy damage and inflict bleed on opponents, then I think you should try Hallowed Prasie. The weapon is great, as I tried it when I was playing around with the Exciled Stalker class.

The major issue I found with the weapon was the damage and that it only scales with Agility. If you are going for a complete Agility build, then you might be able to do higher damage. Other than that, getting it can be hard as the level design in Lords of the Fallen is not good, especially in early-game areas.

So, after you fight with the Scourged Sister Delyth, you can find the weapon later on the platforms. That being said, the weapon has a C- scaling on Agility, so you should definitely try it out.

6- Fitzroy’s Sword

Fitzroy’s Sword StatsValue
TypeLong Sword
Physical124 + 19
Fitzroy’s Sword (Screenshot Grab By Obaid)

I really like Fitzroy’s Sword, as the weapon isn’t that heavy and deals some good damage while inflicting bleed on the opponent. 

It is a long sword that is not that much slow and can be viable in the later areas. From my experience, I can tell the sword is great, and it doesn’t have high stat requirements. You need 19 Agility and 17 Strength as it scales both on the attributes. It has a D scaling in Strength and C- in Agility, which is pretty good for an early-game weapon. 

5- Resh-Mesah’s Sword

Resh-Mesah’s Sword StatsValue
TypeGrand Sword
Physical153 + 19
Resh Mesah’s Sword (Image Captured By Me)

The Resh-Mesah’s Sword can be found in the Congregator of Flesh boss fight arena. It is totally worth getting if you like grand swords. I am not much of a fan of Grand Swords as I prefer the normal swords and Katanas more. However, the Resh-Mesah’s Sword is great and can do some massive damage.

The weapon requires you to have 25 Agility and 15 Strength, which can be achievable pretty easily. The damage output, even without upgrades, is great. The Resh-Mesah’s Sword doesn’t have any status effects. Also, it only does physical damage, so do keep that in mind.

The weapon scales on both Strength and Agility, with it having D- scaling on the former and D+ scaling on the latter.

4- Anvil Hammer

Anvil Hammer StatsValue
TypeGrand Hammer
Physical198 + 24
Anvil Hammer (Image Source: eXputer)

I have tried Anvil Hammer before for a while, and it does one-shot many enemies. You would need 18 Strength and 8 Agility to wield the weapon, which isn’t much. I have ranked the weapon in an Agility weapons ranking guide because it has Agility in the requirement and it has D- scaling with both attributes STR and AGI

If you like swinging around a huge weapon, then do try out the Anvil Hammer and poise your way through the normal enemies. Do keep in mind that Anvil Hammer doesn’t have any status effect. I would advise you to use some buffs of other elements to do more damage.

3- Pale Butcher’s Blade

Pale Butcher’s Blade StatsValue
TypeGrand Sword
Physical118 + 24
Pale Butcher’s Blade (Image Captured By Obaid)

I have also ranked the Pale Butcher’s Blade in my best Strength Weapons guide in Lords of the Fallen. It is arguably one of the weapons in Lords of the Fallen, so I would recommend you to try it.

Pale Butcher’s Blade has great physical damage, and it also applies Wither to the opponents. There aren’t many weapons available in the early game areas that do Wither damage, so you must try it. The stat requirements for the weapon are 25 Strength and 20 Agility.

The weapon can be found inside the huts in the Forsaken Fren area. If you are having trouble with finding the weapon, then check out the YouTube video on how to find it. Pale Butcher’s Blade has a C- scaling in Strength and D scaling in Agility, so make sure to allocate some points in both attributes.

2- Serrated Staff

Serrated Staff StatsValue
Physical66 + 10
Serrated Staff (Screenshot Taken By Us)

If I hadn’t found Bloodlust yet, then I would have considered Serrated Staff the best agility weapon in Lords of the Fallen. One of the best things about the weapon is that it is a polearm, meaning it is fast and has high DPS potential. It requires 155 Strength and 18 Agility to be wielded and do both fire and physical damage.

It has C- scaling on Agility and D scaling on Strength, so allocate the points accordingly. The best thing I liked about the sword is the status effect. It has a whopping 150 bleed status build-up, which can trigger really quickly.

1- Bloodlust

Bloodlust StatsValue
TypeShort Sword
Physical37 + 0
Fire37 + 1
Bloodlust (Image Captured By eXputer)

The best Agility Weapon I could find so far in Lords of the Fallen is the Bloodlust. On the first look, it just seems like a normal weapon that one wouldn’t bother trying.

If you are looking at the damage, then it is pretty average as it deals low physical and fire damage. However, it has two status effects: bleed and burn. Both have a 60 value, so you can trigger them at the same time, which will do some insane damage.

Now, if you apply a holy element to a weapon via an item, the weapon would deal an insane amount of damage to the opponents. Also, it only requires 13 Inferno and 13 Agility, which can be achieved pretty early in-game.

Which Is The Best Agility Weapon – My Recommendation

As the guide is based on my experience in Lords of the Fallen, I would recommend you try out the Bloodlust, as I think it is the best Agility Weapon.

My In-Game Hours

I have around 14 hours in Lords of the Fallen, so with my experience, I can say that the Bloodlust weapon is great so far. While I am sure there will be better options available in the latter game area that will easily surpass Bloodlust, that would also have some crazy stat requirements, not to mention the process to get them. If you have allocated around 30 points in Agility, I recommend trying out the Bloody Glory.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the Best Agility Weapons. I have ranked 9 weapons according to their worth, so make sure to give any among them a try. If you have already made some progress in-game, then I would recommend you just check the top 5 ones and choose any based on your preference. 

While you are at it, you should check out the guide on the best place to farm XP in Lords of the Fallen. After that, read the guide on how to unlock the Secret Classes. Lastly, check out Irfan Ansari’s Best Hallowed Knight Build guide for the best explanation of the class.

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