10 Best Radiance Weapons In Lords of the Fallen [Our Picks]

Here, you can learn everything regarding the best radiance weapons in Lords of the Fallen, along with many tips.

There are several types of weapons in Lords of the Fallen and many scales with the Radiance Stat. So, it is extremely hard to pick the best Radiance Weapons in Lords of the Fallen. As there are many Radiance weapons, not all are worth getting. Surprisingly, many good options are available from the early game areas.

Key Takeaways
  • Mostly, Radiance weapons deal Holy Damage and scales with the Radiance Stat.
  • I have ranked the 10 best Radiance Weapons in accordance with their worth in Lords of the Fallen.
  • The best Radiance Weapon is Pieta’s Sword, which can be obtained pretty early in Lords of the Fallen.
  • If players dual-wield Pieta’s Sword with Elianne’s Sword, then they will unlock a secret move that is extremely broken.
  • I couldn’t really find a disadvantage to Pieta’s Sword, so I think it is worth having in Lords of the Fallen.

Best Radiance Weapons In Lords of the Fallen

Here is the overview of the best Radiance weapons I could find in-game:

Exacter DaggerDagger1.32828 + 7 00The Best Early Game Radiance Dagger
Orian Preacher HammeHammer7.147 + 1047 + 1100The Best Starting Class Radiance Weapon
Lightreaper's SpearSpears7.793 + 32000The Best Radiance Weapon For A Tank Build
Saint Latimer's Relic SpearSpear7.947 + 180047 + 11The Best Early Game Radiance Remebrance Weapon
Hammer of Holy AgonyHammer6.943 + 543 + 000The Best Early Game Radiance Weapon
Righteous PulveriserGrand Hammer32.683 + 983 + 900The Best Well Balanced Radiance Weapon In Game
Devotion's MightGrand Hammer30.983 + 158300The Best Alternative For Reighteous Pulveriser
Bloody GloryGrand Sword35.170 + 57000My Personal Favouirte Radiance Weapon
Ravager Gregory's SwordGrand Sword43.490 + 42 45 + 13045 + 13The Best Alternative For Bloody Glory
Pieta's SwordShort Sword5.306900The Best Radiance Weapon In Game

10- Exacter Dagger

The Best Early Game Radiance Dagger.
Exacter Dagger Stats Value
Type Dagger
Weight 1.3
Physical 28
Holy 28 + 7
Fire 0
Wither 0
Exacter Dagger (Image Captured By Obaid)

If you are looking for a dagger that completely scales with Radiance, then Exacter Dagger is a good choice. Exacter Dagger deals Physical and Holy damage, which is somewhat expected as the weapon scales only with Radiance. 

While it is the best radiance dagger for starting areas, it’s just too underwhelming for me.

  • Deals Holy and Physical damage.
  • Scales only with radiance. 
  • The weapon is too underwhelming.

9- Orian Preacher Hammer

The Best Starting Class Radiance Weapon.
Orian Preacher Hammer Stats Value
Type Hammer
Weight 7.1
Physical 47 + 10
Holy 47 + 11
Fire 0
Wither 0
Orian Preacher Hammer (Image Credits: eXputer)

If you chose Orian Preacher as your starting class, then you will already have the Orian Preacher Hammer. It is a great hammer for the early game. Orian Preacher Hammer deals with Physical and Holy Damage, and it doesn’t have any status effect.

I consider Orian Preacher Hammer the best starting class radiance weapon, as you can get it all the way from the start. 

  • Has some decent damage for a starting-class weapon. 
  • Only good for starting areas.

8- Lightreaper’s Spear

The Best Radiance Weapon For A Tank Build.
Lightreaper’s Spear Stats Value
Type Spear
Weight 7.7
Physical 93 + 32
Holy 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Lightreaper’s Spear (Screenshot Taken By Me)

I have recently defeated Lightreaper, so I got to try out the weapons from its remembrance. While the Lightreaper’s Spear isn’t that good, I really liked the swords as they are insanely good. The spear scales with strength and radiation and does only physical damage.

If you want to make a strength build and play the game slowly and steadily, then I think Lightreaper’s Spear is worth considering. 

  • Has a decent amount of damage.
  • Scales equally with Agility and Radiance.  
  • It is pretty underwhelming for a remembrance weapon.

7- Saint Latimer’s Relic Spear

The Best Early Game Radiance Remebrance Weapon.
Saint Latimer’s Relic Spear Stats Value
Type Spear
Weight 7.9
Physical 47 + 18
Holy 47 + 11
Fire 0
Wither 0
Saint Latimer’s Relic Spear (Image Taken By Me)

Lightreaper’s Spear and Saint Latimer’s Relic Spear are quite similar, as the attack power of both is the same. The only difference is the damage type, as the former deals only physical damage, and the latter deals Physical and Wither damage. 

The weapon is similar to the previous one, but it does Wither damage and scales with Str instead of Agi, making it the best radiance remembrance weapon for the early game.

  • Deals Wither and Physical damage.
  • Scales with STR and RAD.
  • Only viable in early-game areas.

6- Hammer of Holy Agony

The Best Early Game Radiance Weapon.
Hammer of Holy Agony Stats Value
Type Hammer
Weight 6.9
Physical 43 + 5
Holy 43 + 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Hammer of Holy Agony (Image Source: eXputer)

You can find Hammer of Holy Agony pretty early in Lords of the Fallen, as it is located in the Pilgrim’s Perch. It is arguably one of the best radiance weapons in Lords of the Fallen. I really liked it as it has a bleed build-up status effect, and it deals two different damage types. 

I have given it the best Radiance weapon for the early game award, as it is better than all the weapons previously mentioned.

  • Can inflict bleed on opponents.
  • Does physical and holy damage. 
  • A little underwhelming for mid-game areas.

5- Righteous Pulveriser

The Best Well Balanced Radiance Weapon In Game.
Righteous Pulveriser Stats Value
Type Grand Hammer
Weight 32.6
Physical 83 + 9
Holy 83 + 9
Fire 0
Wither 0
Righteous Pulveriser (Image Captured By Obaid)

The Righteous Pulveriser is a great weapon, and as it is a Grand Hammer, it will blow away enemies. So, if you are a fan of weapons that hit hard, then I would recommend you give it a try. 

Righteous Pulveriser deals holy and physical damage, and it also inflicts bleed, making it the best well-balanced weapon in Lords of the Fallen. 

  • Can blow away the enemies.
  • Deals holy and physical damage.
  • Inflicts bleed.
  • The stat requirements might be a problem. 

4- Devotion’s Might

The Best Alternative For Reighteous Pulveriser.
Devotion’s Might Stats Value
Type Grand Hammer
Weight 30.9 
Physical 83 + 15
Holy 83 + 0
Fire 0
Wither 0
Devotion’s Might (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)

After using Righteous Pulveriser, I would recommend you use Devotion’s Might, as it is just a straight-up upgrade. It has C scaling on both strength and radiation, so, of course, the damage will be better.

If you didn’t use Righteous Pulveriser, then you can use Devotion’s Might, as it is the perfect alternative. It just has a higher stats requirement. 

  • Blow away enemies and break their poise easily.
  • Inflicts Smite on opponents. 
  • Has a good scaling on STR and RAD. 
  • The stat requirements are a bit harsh.

3- Bloody Glory

My Personal Favouirte Radiance Weapon.
Bloody Glory Stats Value
Type Grand Sword
Weight 35.1
Physical 70 + 5
Holy 70
Fire 0
Wither 0
Bloody Glory (Image Credits: eXputer)

The only reason I am placing Bloody Glory at number 3 is due to its stats requirement, which is massive. Apart from that, I really like the weapon. If I had not beaten the Lightreaper on its third arrival, I would still have Bloody Glory as my main weapon.

Bloody Glory is a beast as it has a whopping 300 Bleed build-up, making it my personal favorite weapon in-game. 

  • Has a massive 300 Bleed build-up.
  • Deals huge physical and holy damage.
  • Staggers enemies easily. 
  • The stat requirements are extremely harsh.

2- Ravager Gregory’s Sword

The Best Alternative For Bloody Glory.
Ravager Gregory’s Sword Stats Value
Type Grand Sword
Weight 43.4
Physical 90 + 42
Holy 45  +13
Fire 0
Wither 45 + 13
Ravager Gregory’s Sword (Screenshot Captured By Me)

The Ravager Gregory’s Sword is actually a beast as it deals Physical, Holy, and Wither Damage, which just makes the weapon top-tier, in my opinion. To wield the weapon, you would just need 30 Strength and Radiance. 

If you can’t reach the stat requirements for Bloody Glory, then Ravager Gregory’s Sword is the best alternative. 

  • Deals Holy, physical, and Wither damage.
  • Viable for all game areas.
  • The damage is pretty good. 
  • Doesn’t have a status effect.

1- Pieta’s Sword

The Best Radiance Weapon In Game.
Pieta’s Sword Stats Value
Type Short Sword
Weight 5.3 
Physical 0
Holy 69
Fire 0
Wither 0
Pieta’s Sword (Image Taken By Obaid)

The best Radiance weapon, Pieta’s Sword, is insanely good and can be obtained super early in-game. Getting it can prove to be a little tricky as it requires 40 Umbral Scouring, which is hard to get. I highly recommend you get the weapon if you are going with a built radiance.

It is no wonder that Pieta’s Sword is the best Radiance weapon in-game, given how many fans love it.

  • Has a secret art that unlocks at +5 when wielded with a +5 Elianne’s Sword. 
  • Deals holy damage and builds up smite.
  • Scales only with radiance.
  • Difficult to meet the stat requirements in the early game.

If you are having trouble with Pieta, then you should check out Exputer’s YouTube Video on how to beat her.

Other Honorable Mentions

I excluded some other excellent choices for the Best Radiance Weapons in Lords of the Fallen from my top 10 list due to specific personal preferences:

  • Tancred’s Mancatcher: It’s a viable option, but its early-level damage is relatively low compared to the other weapons I’ve chosen above.
  • Judge Cleric’s Spear: Despite being a spear, it has a slower attack speed, and the range is not as extensive as expected.
  • Judge Cleric’s Radiant Sword:  Although it delivers impressive damage, its weight poses a challenge, hindering effective evasion of attacks compared to the other weapons I’ve previously selected.
  • Ebonlight-Abiding Defender Sword: A reasonable choice, though it demonstrates a moderate damage output and lacks versatility compared to the other weapons mentioned above.
  • Justice: Using this weapon consumes a significant amount of stamina, making it difficult for the player to maintain a sustained offense or dodge frequently.

My Thoughts On What Is The Best Radiance Weapon

There are many great Radiance Weapons in Lords of the Fallen, but I think Pieta’s Sword takes the throne for being the best one.

I really like Pieta’s Sword, and it is one of the best weapons overall in Lords of the Fallen. I have ranked it at number 3 in my best weapons guide, so I highly recommend trying it. Aside from Pieta’s Sword, I think you should also try Ravager Gregory’s Sword, Bloody Glory, and Devotion’s Might.

That is almost everything you want to know about the Best Radiance Weapons in Lords of the Fallen. While you are at it, you should check out my guide on the best Strength Weapons and Best Agility Weapons in Lords of the Fallen.

You should also read my guide on the Best Class in Lords of the Fallen so you can select one based on your preference. If you want a class with high DPS potential, then visit the page of my guide on the Best DPS Class in Lords of the Fallen.

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