Lords Of The Fallen’s Update v.1.1.379 Finally Fixes Autosave Stutter

That, along with a bevy of more adjustments and changes.

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  • Lords of the Fallen’s new update v1.1.379 brings a hefty number of improvements to the game.
  • It fixes the notorious autosave stutter issue foremost, along with remedies for other anticipated issues.
  • Outside of the fixes, the update mainly focuses on further optimizations and enhancements. 

Lords of the Fallen is no ordinary Soulslike—the game mixes a highly specialized realm-switch mechanic that has the player stepping between two different dimensions on the fly. Keeping things consistent throughout its post-launch period, the developer Hexworks has rolled out update v.1.1.379 for the third-person action-adventure, bringing an array of changes, and finally, a fix for the autosave stutter.

Today’s update mainly focuses on further enhancements and optimisations, before things heat up next week in the spirit of the festive season. In addition to this, we’re delighted to confirm the roll out of several highly-anticipated fixes,” reads the post announcing the latest patch. For the majority part, players are satisfied that some of the long-requested fixes have finally arrived for the title. 

Lords of the Fallen Update v.1.1.379
Lords of the Fallen Update v.1.1.379

These include removing the Bramis questline progress blocker that prevented users from advancing with that particular expedition in the Bramis Castle, and adding a new glowing indicator over the other player’s head when playing cooperatively, so you can spot your ally if they happen to go out of sight. Speaking of which, the multiplayer aspect has received various tweaks and updates, along with added QoL features, including: 

  • Invasion areas have received a redesign resulting in less disconnects when attempting to invade players.
  • The Vestige menu now offers new options for more convenient interaction.

Furthermore, you’ll now observe a better fight coming from the end-game bosses in Lords of the Fallen, since those weren’t particularly challenging before; definitely not as much as one would make them out to be. On a side note, a wealth of new adjustments and balance changes have been outed for the Soulslike. If you wish to go through them all, you should refer to the full patch notes

Multiplayer and Performance Adjustments in Lords of the Fallen's New Update
Multiplayer and Performance Adjustments in Lords of the Fallen’s New Update

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In other news, CI Games has managed to make bank with the title at hand. Not only has the game done well in commercial terms so far, but the publisher wants it to make $100 million for the company in the “coming years.” CI is confident in its IP, and remarks that player interest is growing for the RPG every day, which makes this milestone all the more achievable. 

Lords of the Fallen came out on October 13, 2023, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, with the publisher announcing the project as far back as 2014. eXputer rated the game 3.5/5, with writer Muhammad Haris Umer praising the title for its fantastic art design and unique enemy designs. If you’re a new player, these best one-handed weapons in the game should help with your respective builds. 

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