Quake And Wolfenstein Developer Is Working On A New AAA Multiplayer Game

New job listing on the developer's website suggests an upcoming AAA multiplayer game!

MachineGames, who are well-known for their work on the modern Wolfenstein reboots, paved the way for a boom in the modern revival of classic franchises like DOOM. Coming to the topic, a recent job listing posted on the Swedish Developer’s website suggests that the company is working on a new AAA multiplayer game and it could just be another Wolfenstein sequel.

Earlier today, eXputer found a new job listing for an AI Programmer on the MachineGames website. The description for the job listing reads, “MachineGames is looking for an intermediate or senior AI Programmer to join our team and help us develop our next upcoming AAA game!” It’s also worth mentioning that the other job listings on the website use “our upcoming AAA titles” but this one specifically mentions an upcoming AAA game from the company.

New AAA Multiplayer Game
AI Programmer required to join MachineGames for its next upcoming AAA game. | Source: ZeniMax Media

Furthermore, one of the two preferred skills that the company requires is the “understanding of multiplayer bots as human replacements”. This indicates that it is, in fact, a multiplayer game that MachineGames is working. Previously, it was rumored that a new Quake installment would be released. However, Quake was recently rated by ESRB for next-generation consoles, so it’s safe to assume that it could be another franchise that’s in the works.

Additionally, the other preferred skill mentions the “knowledge and experience designing player companions”. In this case, “companions” could be pets or a similar AI-based character that will follow the protagonist around. In Quake, that seems unlikely! However, this concept does seem to suit the Wolfenstein narrative more. Hence, we can assume that a multiplayer Wolfenstein installment is in development by MachineGames.

New AAA Multiplayer Game
Job requirements for the AI Programmer position. | Source: ZeniMax Media

For now, these are all speculations and nothing is for certain (yet). However, MachineGames does have a tendency towards releasing a Wolfenstein installment every few years, so the facts do point towards the obvious direction — a new Wolfenstein sequel. Whether it’s a new Wolfenstein sequel or Quake installment, or even a completely new franchise, it’s certain that the company is working on a new AAA multiplayer game.

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