The Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion Is Reportedly 7 GB

The DLC will be more geared toward psychological horror and will tie the fate of the Winters' abruptly.

Resident Evil is one of the first names that come up whenever the title ‘Horror‘ is thrown around. It is one of the most popular and biggest horror video game series to have ever set foot in the gaming world. The name has become a household name through its many mediocre movies and TV shows too, especially the one that got canceled.

Recently, the Resident Evil series has enjoyed a lot of success. Capcom remade the second game in the series back in 2019 and the Resident Evil 2 remake was a huge success and possibly the greatest RE game ever conceived. Another game from the franchise that has received a lot of popularity is Resident Evil Village

With the announcement of the DLC to the game, there has been a lot of hype stirring up in the community. It is safe to say the new DLC will easily break any record set by previous ones, both in story and length.

Major Takeaways:

  • Shadows of Rose DLC is expected to be the longest in the Resident Evil series.
  • The DLC is going to be around 7 GB.
  • It is directed by Kento Kinoshita, the director of the Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen expansion.

Kento Kinoshita was last responsible for directing Capcom’s Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen expansion, which was well-received and to this day has a cult following. It was reported that he and a team of talented devs were brought in late into Resident Evil Village‘s development by Jun Takeuchi the lead producer of many titles of the Resident Evil series.

Seeing a renowned developer like him working on a DLC, the length and other aspects of it were basically confirmed from the start. As for how the actual experience will be, that is yet to be known.

Being the eighth entry into the main series, the expectations for the game were very high. It’s safe to say that Resident Evil Village lived up to every expectation and the sales speak for themselves. With the return of old faces, to the gameplay being as chaotic and tense-filled as the previous iterations, it was destined for greatness.

We can expect the title to hit our shelves soon as Capcom is gearing up for more Resident Evil content, they need to push older ones out the door quickly and efficiently. Rose’s character is going to be a major talisman for this DLC, let us see how effectively Capcom decides to wield their most powerful weapon.

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