Resident Evil 4 Remake Was Devastated With Bugs A Month Before Launch

"I've never seen bugs like this."

Story Highlights

  • Resident Evil 4 remake was loaded with bugs a month away from launch.
  • Director Anpo encountered all sorts of glitches and errors during his playthrough.
  • The QA team went into overdrive to ensure the game launched in a polished state.

Resident Evil 4 remake was a harrowing experience devastated by bugs one month before its release. In a recent episode of NHK World Japan’s documentary series, a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s development revealed a journey fraught with technical challenges and a last-minute battle to ensure on-schedule release without compromising quality. 

This episode manages to depict the tension permeating the air as the Resident Evil 4 remake entered QA testing. Director Yasuhiro Anpo can be seen encountering a platter of bugs during his playthrough, from screen freezes and Leon falling through the game’s map to visual glitches like character models lacking adequate collision animations.

Resident Evil 4 remake
Resident Evil 4

An already existing situation is further exacerbated by an onslaught of technical issues, with one developer discovering a staggering 70 in a single day of playtesting. As the release date crawled closer, the pressure escalated due to the project’s weight.

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QA lead Hiroki Ito expressed serious concern, questioning the quality of fixes and stating he’s “never seen bugs like this.” The challenges piled up as the dev team incorporated new elements like menus and lighting just a month before launch. This led to more bugs coming into existence overburdening the team. On top of that, Hirabayashi-san demanded the revision of certain aspects which added a whole new layer of work.

Having such a rocky final month didn’t stop Resident Evil 4 from launching on schedule and ironically, it emerged as one of the most optimized releases of the year. This unexpected success goes to show the tireless efforts of the whole company who persevered through that final month, delivering a product that lived up to the legacy of the original.

Resident Evil 4 launched on March 25, 2023, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PlayStation 4. eXputer gave it a rating of 5/5 deeming it an example of true perfection. 

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