Character Costumers For Resident Evil 4’s Upcoming Mercenaries DLC Surface Online

Luis Sera is a playable Mercenaries character.

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  • Resident Evil 4’s returning Mercenaries mode was officially announced by Capcom some days ago. The DLC is slated to launch on April 7 as a free playable mode for players who own the base game. 
  • In recent times, some character costumes of the playable characters in The Mercenaries have apparently surfaced online, giving us a look at what some of our favorite people from the game will look like. 
  • It’s been revealed that Luis Sera, among other characters, such as Jack Krauser, Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, and, of course, our beloved protagonist Leon S. Kennedy will be a part of The Mercenaries mode. 

Resident Evil 4’s forthcoming Mercenaries mode—a returning feature from the 2005 original—will feature different costumes for its playable characters. There are standard skins for Leon, Ada, and the lot, and then there are highly specialized costumes that add particular flair to the in-game figures. Images have reportedly been fetched from the RE Wiki Discord server and brought forward by credible Resident Evil dataminer Gosetsu. 

Taking to Twitter to corroborate the scoop, Resident Evil Central has shared what these costumes are going to look like. Apparently, both Ada Wong and Albert Wesker will have one additional costume for players to don in The Mercenaries. Leon’s full set of unlockable skins, however, is not quite yet out in the open, but we can easily expect more on that front to follow as Mercenaries comes out officially in due time. 

The best part about this datamine is the revelation that Luis Sera will be making it to The Mercenaries as one of the playable characters. In retrospect, Luis was not part of the mode in the original game, but as the figure’s inclusion in the remake’s story has been made more prominent, so has his standing in the popular timed mini-game. Sera is now seen in Resident Evil 4 with considerably more screen time than his previous iteration. 

Another returning character from the classic Resident Evil 4 is Hunk—someone who has the least amount of relevance to the main story of the game. Hunk is recognized as a stone-cold killer and a field operative belonging to Umbrella Corporation’s special agent service. Although the man has played more pivotal roles in other Resident Evil titles, he has nothing to do with Resident Evil 4.

The game’s 3rd trailer, which went live a month ago, included a subtle reveal of The Mercenaries, thereby signaling the impending arrival of the playable mode to the game in some time. Four days ago, though, Mercenaries received a release date via the title’s launch trailer. Skip to the 37th second in the following video to catch a glimpse. 

YouTube video

In other news, it’s been revealed that Capcom is planning for the Separate Ways DLC to arrive for Resident Evil 4. This popped up on the same Discord server by Gosetsu, yet again, who found a reference to the critically acclaimed Ada Wong story mode. The Separate Ways DLC is also known as “Another Order” in Japan, and the datamine unveiled a specific folder somewhere tucked away in the game’s files stating just that. 

Although that is what was found, it’s still Capcom‘s say regarding what gets to come out and what stays behind. Therefore, don’t hold your breath thinking that Separate Ways for the Resident Evil 4 remake is, indeed, in the brewer. Take a pinch of salt to go along with that information. On the flip side, speculation has it that the exemption of the U-3 boss from the main game was to include the horrific enemy in Ada Wong’s side of things. 

Furthermore, in case you missed it, you can skip the opening battle of Leon with the Ganados in the Village with a simple trick. Simply shoot for the church bell in the distance and hope that a bullet registers. Once done, the bell will ring and end the sequence with it, thereby negating the commotion for Leon without much effort. Watch out for the Ganados behind your back as you attempt to do that, though. 

The Resident Evil 4 remake is out now for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Xbox One, unfortunately, missed out on receiving a port. 

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