Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Story Length Will Be The Same As The Original

Quite the implementation of fan feedback by the developers.

The much-anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake is bound to make landfall on March 24, 2023, on all major platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC through Steam. The title has recently had a showcase to its name that went on to reveal essential information with regard to the upcoming title. 

The original game’s launch date traces back to 2005 and this rework of Resident Evil 4 right from the ground up has been long coming. Thankfully, all those rumors and speculative pieces have turned out to be true, and fans cannot wait to jump right into Leon’s shoes (and that iconic jacket) as soon as the title now comes out. 

The Rundown: 

  • The soon-to-arrive Resident Evil 4 Remake’s story length and play-time will be the same length as the original Resident Evil 4 released in 2005. 
  • The first Resident Evil 4 is a fairly lengthy game, spanning an overall runtime of somewhere around 10-15 hours. These figures are considerably long for an action game, and now that the remake is coming up, fans can expect no less than a savory treat.
  • The reveal comes from an interview with the game’s producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi by PC Gamer.

In light of the relatively recently released remakes of multiple Resident Evil iterations, fans have shown concern over the length of the upcoming reimagining of Resident Evil 4. Thankfully, the producer of the game has confirmed that the “playtime for Resident Evil 4 is about the same as the original game.”

This is honestly great news. The followers of the franchise, including me, were deeply concerned about whether another Resident Evil 3 Remake-esque title is soon hitting the shelves. Thankfully, Capcom has paid due attention to what the critics and the fans had to say about their freshest releases.

While Resident Evil 2 was embraced with good words over almost everything that the game had going for itself, the remake of the follow-up title — Resident Evil 3 — was met with fairly negative criticism over how short it was. After all, the title had about 6 hours of story gameplay to offer to its enthusiasts, which, so to speak, falls a tad bit short.

Fortunately, history won’t repeat itself with what is otherwise notably one of the most sought-after remakes in recent times. People have attached high hopes to Capcom’s upcoming third-person thriller, especially after the latest gameplay reveal of the title surfacing on YouTube. The next-gen visuals look nothing but commendable.

Leon Up Agains the Chainsaw Villager in the Upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake
Leon Up Agains the Chainsaw Villager in the Upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake

However, with all of the above being said and done, we still don’t have confirmation whether each and every facet that was exhibited by the original Resident Evil 4 will also find a home in the forthcoming remake.

From the botanical gardens laden with wolves in Salazar‘s castle to a giant killer whale swarming a distant lake in the primary Resident Evil 4, it sure seems a daunting task to replicate all that the original game offered in the remake.

Now, of course, this is something that only time can unfold, since Hirabayashi doesn’t intend on spilling any more beans yet. In addition, the 2005 Resident Evil 4 featured additional playable modes, such as Ada Wong’s Separate Ways and the Mercenaries where you got to experience combat from the perspective of other figures.

It might as well be so that these extra ways of playing the game are binned in the remake, thereby making way for the base story mode to offer the core experience. Again, this is simply me being speculative about what’s about to come. One can only hope for positivity from this point onward.

On a side note, Resident Evil 4 Remake’s system requirements were revealed last week and in case you had hopes for a Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake, don’t hold your breath. Capcom has no plans to dive into that scenario at the moment, but things could change down the road.

Are you as excited as us about the Resident Evil 4 Remake? Do let us know in the comments section ahead. 

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