Returnal Gaining Sales On Steam Through Word Of Mouth

Fans have also adopted a peculiar method to advertise the game.

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  • Returnal was finally released on PC on 15th February. 
  • The game has had an incredibly weak launch compared to many of Sony’s other titles such as Spider-Man and God of War 2018.
  • Causes for the game’s poor sales can be attributed to poor marketing on Sony’s end as well as a busy week due to the release of titles like Hogwarts Legacy and Atomic Heart.
  • The game is slowly experiencing a rise in sales as word-of-mouth spreads, it has already reached #28 in sales from its prior #38 place. 

After a slow launch on PC, Returnal has slowly climbed up the Steam charts reaching #28 from its prior #38 position for the past few days. 

Returnal has risen to the No.28 spot on Steam’s top seller charts from its prior No.38 position.

The game’s success can be attributed to a strong push through word of mouth from a large number of fans from both PlayStation and PC. 

Fans have also criticized Sony for their weak marketing for Returnal’s PC port leading it to be their second lowest-selling PC port to date, the lowest being Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The game’s $59.99 price tag probably isn’t doing it any favors either. 

Some of its success could also possibly be attributed to a fake boycott started by Twitch Streamer PMS Jordan against Returnal to provoke… certain groups of players into buying the game, which is…certainly a way to advertise a game.

And it’s supposedly working? Only proving the fact that the boycotts usually only end up giving games more publicity instead of less. 

If there’s any game that deserves success, it’s Returnal. It’s probably the best exclusive on the PlayStation 5 and Sony’s best new exclusive since Bloodborne.

While the game isn’t perfect, I personally believe it gets a little too difficult in the last biome and that it would function better as a linear game, it’s one of the most unique AAA games I’ve played since 2019’s Death Stranding.

The game itself currently sits at a Very Positive on Steam with 1500 reviews with 80% of those reviews being positive. The PC port itself is good enough and looks significantly better than the PS5 version, however, some users have reported that the game frequently crashes on PC which might hopefully be fixed in the coming days. 

So, if you’re even remotely interested in the game and have the cash to spare, absolutely get Returnal!

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