Leaks Suggest Returnal And Sackboy Are Coming To PC

The leaked image shows Returnal running on a PC and Sackboy on a Steam Deck.

As of now, Returnal is a PS5 exclusive, while Sackboy is available only on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

A Redditor u/Joker28CR cited a ResetEra user and posted the image of Returnal running on a PC and Sackboy running on a Steam Deck.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure was also mentioned in the NVIDIA Geforce Leak last year and was expected to come to PC sooner or later by the fans.

Leaks Suggest Returnal And Sackboy Is Coming To PC
Leaks Suggest Returnal And Sackboy Is Coming To PC

Major Takeaways:

  • Sackboy: The Big Adventure leaked running on a Steam Deck.
  • Returnal leaked running on a PC.
  • Sackboy and Returnal were both listed on Steam Database.
  • Sackboy was also mentioned in the NVIDIA Leaks last year.
  • Returnal PC footage also surfaced earlier this year.
  • A Digital Foundry analyst confirmed Returnal to be running on PC.

Recently Sackboy and Returnal also appeared on Steam Database, with codenames Steel PC, and Oregon, respectively.

Sackboy’s Steam Database listing was also recently updated a few days ago, where the icon and language of the game were updated, which relieved most doubts about the game’s upcoming PC release.

Sackboy is a unique platformer game that added to the beauty of PS5 exclusives. The game features an attractive art style that is bound to catch the eyes of any platformer games fan.

On the other end, Returnal is a third-person shooter game that was released back in April 2021. The game is quite challenging and offers difficult opponents for people who love that type of thing.

In Returnal, you play as a space scout and have landed on a planet full of hostile entities. The game offers a thrilling, horror-filled experience for fans.

There were rumors about the PC release of the third-person shooter game when footage of the game running on a PC appeared over the internet a couple of months ago. A Digital Foundry analyst also confirmed the game is running on a PC.

The rumors had the game fans patiently waiting for an official announcement from Sony regarding Returnal’s PC release.

Let us know your thoughts and expectations of both games being released on PC and when you think an official announcement will bring the good news.

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