Australian Electronic Retailer Just Slipped The PS5 Slim’s Listing

I'm still waiting for my OG PlayStation 5 to arrive.

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  • The Good Guys is one of the most prominent electronic retailers in Australia, featuring products spanning all sorts of categories, such as televisions, digital cameras, and, of course, gaming.
  • What appears to be a possible description of the PlayStation 5 Slim has been spotted on the PS5 landing page of The Good Guys. 
  • The description mentions the words “new look” and “slimmer,” leading followers to believe that a PlayStation 5 Slim is coming out sooner than expected. 
  • There has been no official word on a new PlayStation 5 model at this moment in time. 

Australia-based electronics retail company The Good Guys has listed a description of what is seemingly the PlayStation 5 Slim on its PS5 landing page. There are no photos, no additional information to go by; just a subtle account of possibly a new model of the PlayStation 5, which could be out and about sooner than expected. Credits to the eagle-eyed ResetEra user Gravity Insanity for spotting the scoop first.  

The new look, slimmer PlayStation 5 – incredibly vivid, vibrant colours with breathtaking HDR visuals and immersion – whether you’re gaming or streaming movies and TV shows.”

There is speculation in the air, though, with some referring the description to the Digital variant of the PlayStation 5. The wording, however, especially “the new look” does seem fairly believable since PS5 Digital doesn’t exactly boast that much of a visual overhaul as compared to its physical counterpart. What’s even shadier about all of this is the lack of further details, as in follow-up photos or anything of the like. 

Description of a New PlayStation 5 on The Good Guys
Description of a New PlayStation 5 on The Good Guys

More on the speculative front, Sony has discounted the PlayStation 5, especially the God of War Ragnarok bundle, all over the spectrum right now. Amazon has the deal up for $509 right now, not to mention Best Buy Canada is selling off the console and the God of War title for 60 CAD off as well. If The Good Guys’s listing is anything to go by, Sony could be clearing out remnant PS5 stock for the arrival of the new console. 

And that could align just right with the forthcoming arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which, according to pertinent rumors and leaks, might be arriving in September this year. Talk about bundling the newer model PlayStation 5 with the next seemingly breathtaking Spider-Man game. What a treat that would be. 

It bears noticing that this is still not solid proof that a PlayStation 5 Slim is truly under the works and will be coming out anytime soon. The description might as well lead to nothing since there’s the obvious lack of proof that technically negates the scoop altogether. 

In other news, reports have surfaced lately that point toward the development of a PlayStation 5 Pro. YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead published a detailed video that goes over how a new model of Sony’s front-running console is coming and that it will come in handy for putting Sony’s 8K TVs at the forefront of the tech industry. That said, there isn’t really a sustainable market for 8K TVs at the moment—not at least until a couple of years from now.  

Sony has simply killed it with the PlayStation 5 in terms of its commercial success. As of December 2022, the console has shipped over 32 million units worldwide, with the system’s software sales increasing by 35% in Japan as well. As for the functional aspect of the PS5, the console relatively recently received Discord support and a bunch of other related features.

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