PlayStation 5 Software Sales In Japan Increased 35% In 2022 Compared To 2021

It seems like the console is finally moving units as Sony said.

When the PlayStation 5 was announced, the hype around it was second to none. Everyone thought the console would brake sales records and put up numbers never seen before in the gaming industry. However, no one could predict the impact supply issues, and the pandemic had on its availability, making it a rare sight at retail.

Its been 2 years since its release, and according to Sony, this supply restriction is coming to an end now. The company announced at CES even that the shortage is over, and the console has sold 30 million units now. It seems like the effect is showing as PlayStation 5 software sold 35% more in 2022 than in 2021 in Japan.

Major Takeaways

  • PlayStation 5 sold 35% more units in 2022 than it did in 2021 in Japan. 
  • The console also grew in market share but is still No.3 and below the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.
  • Nintendo’s handheld is dominating the Japanese software industry with an 89% market share.

Jodiede on Twitter aggregated this news to the masses via a Tweet. Website Niche Barrier, which is a sales database for the Japanese gaming market, made an annual sales chart for 2022. The data comes from the Japanese video games sales reporter Famitsu, who we all know about. 

Niche Barrier basically compiles data taken from weekly Famitsu charts and makes a year-end list from it. When you compare the annual chart results from 2022 to 2021, an interesting piece of info arises. PlayStation 5 sold 35% more games in the previous year than it did in 2021, showing a staggering increase.

Sony’s next-gen console sold 699k units of software in 2021, but this rose to 941k units in 2022. Hence, PlayStation 5 showed substantial growth in video game sales even though 2022 still had supply issues for the console. With the chains fully off the product in 2023, the future is looking bright. 

The overall market share of PlayStation 5 games is still low in the overall market. It had a share of 3% in 2021, but this grew to 4% last year, showcasing a small increase. However, this is lower than even the PlayStation 4

Sony’s current-gen console’s software purchases had a 13% market share in 2021, but this went down to 7% in 2022. PlayStation 4 also sold fewer games, with the sales dropping by 55% as the console sold 1.53 million games in 2022, compared to 3.3 million in 2021. Therefore, people may be preparing to switch to the PlayStation 5 or go for the console dominating Japan. 

Nintendo Switch is head and shoulder above any other console in Japan. It sold 21 million software units in 2022, which is a slight 5% decrease from the 22 million in 2021, but lightyears ahead of its competition. The Nintendo handheld is No.1 in the software market by a huge margin. 

PlayStation 5 software sales in Japan
PlayStation 5 software sales in Japan

Concerning market share, Nintendo Switch is obliterating PlayStation 5 and its predecessor. It had an 84% market share in 2021, and this grew to 89% in 2022, proving the slight change didn’t affect it. So, the console is in total control of the Japanese software gaming market right now. 

Even though the PlayStation 5 is dead last in the Japanese console software race, 2023 will potentially be its biggest year with no shortages. It will need to do a lot to dethrone Nintendo Switch, however, which shows no signs of stopping. With the Sony console moving units, the battle next year will be interesting to see. 

Final Fantasy XVI is also coming out this year, and knowing its popularity in Japan, it will certainly give the console’s software sales a lift.

We can only hope the PlayStation 5 in abundance next year because its lineup looks absolutely amazing. Do you think PS5 can get close to the Switch this year in Japan? Tell us in the comments below!

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