RoboCop: Rogue City Players Are Experiencing Progress-Blocking Bugs

The subsequent updates could address all of these issues effectively.

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  • RoboCop: Rogue City has launched to critical acclaim but does share its fair share of small yet pesky bugs.
  • The glitches are apparent during the gameplay. A few of them can break progression, but most do not cause much harm.
  • It came out on November 2 for PC, PS5, Xbox S, and Xbox X. The hardcore gameplay stays faithful to the films.

RoboCop: Rogue City has basked in a slew of good reviews amidst some valid criticisms. It features a terrific first-person shooting venture. But do expect a side of minuscule yet annoying bugs that amass together to restrict the gameplay. While most glitches are harmless and entertaining, some can potentially block the game's progression. The subreddit for the title is filled to the brim with praise and bug reports alike.

Sure bud, I am the one with the defect....
byu/MrNinjaSausage inrobocoproguecity

This bug— experienced by multiple users— makes the NPC block the path to the door. It effectively thwarts the progression of the quest and leads the players to start over. Merely restarting RoboCop: Rogue City or resetting the quest or checkpoints does not seem to fix the dilemma, however. A possible fix shared by the Reddit users suggests restarting the whole of Chapter 11 and doing this mission as soon as possible. 

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Similarly, other progression bugs in side missions like "Stolen Vehicle" can be fixed using similar methods. The issues are generally not game-breaking and often lead to bizarre situations we know and love in gaming; a camera glitch causing the scoped weapon bullet to wrap space and time seems like an interesting example. A bug that causes RoboCop: Rogue City to keep switching monitors of a user is also quite cumbersome.

Funny bug with scoped weapons and slow motion
byu/ninjawaffulz inrobocoproguecity

Some more technical bugs are directly causing PlayStation 5 visuals issues to a Redditor during the gameplay. The devs have not yet acknowledged the progression-blocking bugs. However, we can expect these weird yet amusing glitches to get fixed in future updates for the game. 

RoboCop: Rogue City is a first-person shooter that features a new storyline based on the original RoboCop movies and takes place between the second and third films. The protagonist is portrayed as a force to be reckoned with, blowing guts and bombs like it's no big deal. Additionally, the original RoboCop actor Peter Weller has performed faithfully to mimic the Hollywood experience while reprising his role in the game. 

The shooting has that "oomph" to it —as seen in the movies— that makes it a fun venture. Overall, the gameplay loop is quite enjoyable and leaves a vivid impression. But the short campaign and a few other hiccups, including a slew of bugs, have caused the reviews to plunge. As a result, it has received generally mixed to favorable reviews from outlets. The publisher clarified that the IP has sold like hotcakes and achieved "record pre-sales."  

Developed by Teyon and published by Nacon, it came out on November 2 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox S, and Xbox X. There were no releases for the last-gen version of consoles.

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