Former Series Dev Not Enthusiastic To Play The Upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake

The former dev stated several concerns and risks with creating the enthralling remake.

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  • Former Silent Hill developer Sam Barlow appeared in an interview and called the equated Silent Hill 2 remake to a “poison chalice,” showing disinterest in remakes.
  • The dev is afraid that some people will be upset because of the Silent Hill 2 remake not pleasing every fan who is looking forward to it.
  • However, Sam Barlow is very excited to play No Code’s Silent Hill: Townfall, another upcoming game in the series.
  • Silent Hill has many projects in the brewer, and the upcoming remake is slated to arrive on PC and on PS5 as a timed exclusive for a year.

The former Silent Hill developer Sam Barlow appeared in an interview with PCGamesN recently and revealed his dislike for the remake-driven trend by Konami. The dev showed concerns for the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake and wished good luck to the Bloober Team for taking on the project. Sam Barlow went as far as calling the upcoming entry a “poison chalice,” articulating the potential risks that come with creating the remake.

Personally, I’m less excited about playing a remaster. It’s also like the biggest poison chalice in videogames, doing a remaster of Silent Hill 2. I mean, good luck to them because I don’t know how you can do that without upsetting people.”

Sam Barlow is among the gamers that are not too fond of remakes, but the prominent figure holds no dislike for the developers or the game itself. Taking such a high-caliber project comes with its own set of risks for the Bloober Team, and it is inevitable that the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake may end up in murky waters because of not pleasing to every group of gamers. The former series developer continues to elaborate on the topic.

The version of Silent Hill that I would love – which it sounds like they’re pushing – is that ‘we use this as a platform to have a range of interesting psychological horror games,’ right? And actually, can we see a breadth of gameplay? You know, Twilight Zone, and those kinds of anthologies give you a sense of what you’re getting yourself in for but you’re also excited to see the different ways in which they can be explored.”

Sam Barlow is a veteran figure in the Silent Hill franchise, developing two prominent projects in the past. The dev behind Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is certainly speaking with a bundle of experience. Nevertheless, he is excited about No Code’s upcoming Silent Hill: Townfall, mentioning his anticipation for the entry. He is reportedly a big fan of the company and cannot wait to see how the game turns out.

The Silent Hill 2 team has confirmed that the game would faithfully stick to the traditional storytelling we know and love. The developers are reportedly taking a “very safe” approach with the alluring remake and ensuring not to make any unnecessary changes or addition.

Longtime fans shouldn’t worry about us “missing the point” while we’re livening up the title. We faithfully stick to the traditional story canon while remaking the gameplay and updating the graphics from the ground up,” said Anna Jasinska, the marketing officer at Bloober Team.

We can expect the remake to live up to most of the fans’ expectations if it is executed right. Multiple Silent Hill projects are being developed, and the remake is just the beginning that signals a new age for the accredited horror franchise.

For instance, another entry dubbed Silent Hill: The Short Message is in development. The new entry was first revealed on a Korean rating board. Since then, it has also received a PlayStation 5 rating in Taiwan. Furthermore, Silent Hill f and the Silent Hill Sakura are also in the brewer. Regardless, more information about these projects has yet to be revealed by the respective developers.

Silent Hill 2 remake is slated to release on PC via Steam and PlayStation 5 as a timed exclusive before possibly arriving on other platforms after a year. No release date has yet been confirmed.

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