Star Wars Outlaws Could Have As Fast And Fluid Travel As Marvel’s Spider-Man Games

The upcoming sci-fi game by Massive Entertainment does not have a release date yet.

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  • Star Wars Outlaws is a highly anticipated iteration in the extended Star Wars video game franchise, featuring Kay Vess — a thief by heart — alongside her pet companion Nix. 
  • Outlaws has been advertised to be the first-ever open-world Star Wars game ever made, but with this claim comes huge responsibility on Ubisoft’s shoulders. 
  • As players show concern about its open-world setting, a prominent industry insider has hinted that travel in Star Wars Outlaws could be as smooth as the recent Spider-Man games. 

Ubisoft is working on Star Wars Outlaws—a brand-new AAA Star Wars game that the French industry giant plans to release sometime in 2024. Unlike any other title belonging to the series, Outlaws will feature an open-world setting, and allow players to tread through life in the shoes of Kay Vess and her “merqaal” companion, Nix, as the duo tries to survive as thieves across the Empire. 

As per a new rumor coming from a noteworthy industry insider, it seems that fans can possibly look forward to seamless travel in the forthcoming Star Wars game. The source in question draws a comparison between the recent Marvel’s Spider-Man games, including the sequel that’s coming out on October 20, and vague hints at the level of seamlessness featured in Outlaws.

While the initial tweet isn’t that clear in terms of giving the hint away, Tom replies to a curious comment under the thread to shed more clarity on the matter. When asked whether he means the tweet in a good or a bad way, Tom says, “From the info I’ve been given on the brief demo that was shown, good. But need to wait for more corroboration or see the demo myself before reporting properly.”

The fact of the matter is, Ubisoft hasn’t been truly hitting home with its open-world designs as of late. The latest Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed games, including Far Cry 6 and Valhalla, have been fairly lambasted across the board for their boring free-roam mechanics. However, with Star Wars Outlaws and Massive Entertainment on board, things could finally be changing for the better in that respect.

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On a side note, we’ve been rounding up some exciting Star Wars Outlaws news in recent times. As per the gameplay unveiling of the action-adventure, it was spotted that Outlaws will feature seamless ground-to-space transitions, offering smooth sequences for whenever Kess wants to head out into the solar system, which is very unlike what Starfield — a similarly set game — has to offer.

Moreover, the overall premise of Star Wars Outlaws has writers calling the game a dream playground for storytelling. Sitting down in an interview, the narrative director Navid Khavari of the title had the following to say about the upcoming space venture,

I’m not gonna lie, it’s a writer’s dream to have that playground between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. For me, it’s such a perfect era where the stakes are so unbelievably high from both a character and a galactic perspective. But placing our game during this time, I mean, that speaks to the power of that era, but also to the fact that there’s so much to explore in the underworld from a scoundrel perspective in that time period.” 

Star Wars Outlaws traces its initial announcement back to 2021, when Ubisoft just said that it’s working on a new story-driven Star Wars game with Massive Entertainment—a well-reputed developer responsible for creating several noteworthy IPs, such as Tom Clancy’s The Divison and Avatars: Frontiers of Pandora. Fast-forward to 2023, the game received its first-ever reveal at the Xbox Game Showcase, followed by subsequent gameplay footage at the Ubisoft Forward event later in the year. 

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