Steam Winter Sale Round-Up: Best Soulslikes On Great Discounts

Nioh 2, Lords of the Fallen, Remnant 2, Sekiro, and many more are up for grabs at great prices.

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  • The Steam Winter Sale is now live, slapping noteworthy discounts on an array of titles. 
  • The event has also treated some of the best Soulslike games in town to promotional prices.
  • The likes of Lies of P, Lords of the Fallen, Elden Ring, and more currently enjoy price cuts. 

It’s that time of the year again—one when gamers of all sorts rack up their Steam catalog without breaking the bank hopefully. This Steam Winter Sale encompasses a variety of different genres, ranging from turn-based RPGs to action-packed Soulslikes that certainly put even the most veteran of players to their paces. We’re talking about the likes of Lies of P, Elden Ring, Lords of the Fallen, Blasphemous 2, and more. 

Steam's Winter Sale
Steam’s Winter Sale

This article will serve as a round-up of titles belonging to this hellish genre enjoying discounted deals at the moment. Keep it handy just in case for the rest of the period the sale is live, which is until January 4, if you ever have to refer to the games and the prices again. Let’s dive right in with our first entry. 

Lies of P – 20% Off 

Lies of P on Steam
Lies of P on Steam

Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio certainly came in with a flash for this one, having given the world a fantastic, unique Soulslike title to immerse in. Lies of P is set in the fictional city of Krat, with Pinnochio taking center stage as the protagonist (no, not the same one as the nose-growing icon from our childhood). Being released in September this year, it’s a polished IP with great combat and stellar art. 

Lies of P has also been set up for a sequel, with DLC officially confirmed to be in the works as well, so it’s worth staying up to date on what the future of the franchise holds by picking up this one. The cool 20% discount will set you back about $47.99 on the game at the moment as opposed to its $59.99 MSRP, thanks to the Winter Sale.

Remnant 2 – 40% Off

Remnant 2 on Steam
Remnant 2 on Steam

Gunfire Games has put out one of the best sleeper hits of 2023 with the launch of Remnant 2, a third-person shooter with Soulslike mechanics that came in as a direct sequel to the 2019-released Remnant: From the Ashes. eXputer reviewed the game and rated it 4/5, with writer Usama Mehmood commending its stellar art direction, great progression system, and satisfying gameplay.

In all fairness, the 40% off pricing of the Soulslike shooter is nothing short of a bargain for a game of this stature—just ask the good folks over at the r/remnantgame subreddit and you’ll know what we’re on about. Instead of its regular $34.99 pricing, Remnant 2 can be bought for as low as $20.99 at the time of writing. 

Elden Ring – 40% Off

Elden Ring on Steam
Elden Ring on Steam

Wouldn’t be a party without the big dog coming up hot, would it? Elden Ring, arguably FromSoftware’s magnum opus, and 2022’s Game of the Year, is one of the best games ever made, and that’s not according to me, but as per the majority of souls who have braved The Lands Between, or at least attempted to. Of course, being a Soulslike, this isn’t for everyone, but once you get into its groove, it’s hard to put the controller down. 

The game costs $49.99 on Steam usually, but in the event of the Winter Sale, you can grab Hidetaka Miyazaki’s masterclass for as low as $29.99, which is a decent $20 off the title’s MSRP. eXputer’s 5/5 review of the venture held it in high regard, where writer Abdul Haddi called it “the greatest Soulsborne game ever made.”

Blasphemous 2 – 25% Off

Blasphemous 2 on Steam
Blasphemous 2 on Steam

Quite unequivocally, Blasphemous 2 is another fantastic game that proves 2023 has been the year of the Soulslikes. An escape from the usual third-person camera perspective and lifelike visuals, this Metroidvania is a side-scroller with retro graphics and an exceptionally unique art style, something that you don’t normally expect from the Soulsborne category of games. 

eXputer gave Blasphemous 2 a 4/5 rating, with reviewer Muhammad Haris Umer remarking that the game offers a “unique Metroidvania experience while managing to overcome almost all of the flaws of its predecessor.” Get it for 25% off right now, where you’ll be paying $14.99 instead of $19.99. It’s worth every cent, we tell you. 

Lords Of The Fallen – 35% Off

Lords of the Fallen on Steam
Lords of the Fallen on Steam

For its debut title, developer Hexworks has done a fantastic job with Lords of the Fallen, coming up with a unique concept of the “dual-realm mechanic” that has the protagonist stepping between different dimensions on the fly. It’s got great, fluid combat, and a highly refreshing open world to explore and navigate. Coincidentally, the title is enjoying a discount on the official Xbox storefront as well right now.

On Steam, though, you can get it cheaper at the moment for about $39, which is a fair 35% off Lords of the Fallen’s MSRP. eXputer’s 3.5/5 review of the title, which at the time was influenced by the RPG’s horrible performance issues, praised its weapon variety, remarkable art direction, and spectacular enemy designs. 

Nioh 2 – 40% Off

Nioh 2 — Complete Edition on Steam
Nioh 2 — Complete Edition on Steam

One of Koei Tecmo’s finest works to date, Nioh 2 is a relentless Soulslike with a lot going on to its name. Its Complete Edition is enjoying an awesome 40% discount on Steam at present, which not only encompasses the base game but all the major Nioh 2 DLC expansions as well, namely The Tengu’s Disciple, Darkness in the Capital, and The First Samurai.

Labeled “secretly the best Souls game” by those who’ve given it a go, Nioh 2 is the 2020 sequel to the 2017-released Nioh, improving upon many of its predecessor’s shortcomings, and coming with significantly polished graphics just as well. If you end up picking the title up, make sure to go through this Nioh 2 weapons tier list to know what weaponry to pursue. 

Salt And Sacrifice – 25% Off

Salt and Sacrifice on Steam
Salt and Sacrifice on Steam

Got $6 spare? Try out this idiosyncratic action RPG by Ska Studios for a taste of something new. I’ll admit that Salt and Sacrifice, being the sequel to 2016’s Salt and Sanctuary, isn’t quite the best Soulslike out there, but for the price, you’ll be able to give it a go and not regret your decision as well. It’s got responsive, satisfying combat, and hardware requirements so low, it’ll run on a toaster.

eXputer rated the Metroidvania 3/5, praising its great core combat. addictive gear crafting system, and beautiful art style, while criticizing the lack of a map and subsequent fast travel, among other parameters. Salt and Sacrifice came out in 2022 for the PlayStation consoles and PC. You can get it for as low as $6.14 at the time of writing. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – 50% Off

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on Steam
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on Steam

Coming up next is straight up one of the best Soulslikes in the business and a personal favorite of mine here at eXputer. What Sekiro has brought to the forefront of this genre is unlike any other game, mixing action-packed swordplay with its flawless “Deflect” system, not to mention the exemption of the stamina bar that makes things even more interesting. 

At 50% off on Steam’s Winter Sale, Sekiro is pretty much one of the best games you can buy right now for merely $15.99. It’s developed by FromSoftware and came out in March 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In September, it was reported that the game has rolled over 10 million copies to date.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – 50% Off

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Steam
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Steam

For those not in the know, this may not strike off as a typical Soulslike game at first, given the depth of the narrative involved, but make no mistake, the Star Wars Jedi franchise is Soulslike all right when it boils down to how difficult these games can be. The latest in the series, Jedi: Survivor, is outright brilliant, and more than just worth it at 50% off right now. 

eXputer’s review expert Huzaifah Durrani rated the title 4/5, calling it a “phenomenal game that builds on the strengths of its predecessor, even if not all of its narrative choices pan out.” In contrast with the prequel, Jedi: Survivor boasts refined combat with new Lightsaber stances, additional traversal features, and an array of quality-of-life improvements as well. 

The Surge 2 – 80% Off

The Surge 2 on Steam
The Surge 2 on Steam

Former The Lords of the Fallen developer Deck13 has brought about an interesting project in the name of The Surge 2, the sequel to 2017’s action RPG The Surge. It may not seem much at the start, and there are some hiccups here and there where the title clearly fails to impress, but The Surge 2 is an entertaining venture at the end of the day with its hardcore melee combat. 

At 80% off, you can get the game for somewhere around $5. In regular scenarios, The Surge 2 costs $24.99. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – 43% Off

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Steam
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Steam

Being another one of Koei Tecmo’s IPs, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has an incredible combat system, and is really fun to play. Sure, it may fail to hit the mark in terms of offering a meaningful narrative, but if you’re only after gameplay here with great visuals mixed in as well, you’ll find Wo Long to be a worthwhile investment, now that it’s finally free from the majority of its performance issues. 

eXputer reviewed the Soulslike and rated it 4/5, saying “Some performance issues shouldn’t distract you from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s otherwise great ancient Chinese setting and fantastic gameplay.” At $34, which is 43% off on the title’s $59.99 default pricing, you’re easily getting your money’s worth on a game that came out in 2023, specifically on March 3.

Hollow Knight – 50% Off

Hollow Knight on Steam
Hollow Knight on Steam

Before Hollow Knight: Silksong, the next iteration in this extremely well-liked series comes out, the Steam Winter Sale can be the perfect excuse to pick up the first Hollow Knight. It’s only $3.49 right now, and take it from me when I tell you that it’s going to be one of the best $3.49 you’ve ever spent. An impeccable OST by Christopher Larkin along with spectacular art and visuals await you in this top-tier Metroidvania. 

In case you haven’t caught up on Silksong yet, here is an overview of the upcoming indie along with a closer look at some of its features that look utterly electrifying.

YouTube video

Wrapping Up – Amazing Deals On Fantastic Games 

Among some of the other fan-favorite genres that Steam’s Winter Sale has covered, the Soulslike category has a cult following, that’s for sure, and knowing this, Valve’s famous video game storefront has slapped on enticing discounts on some of the best Soulslikes in town. Personally, I believe you shouldn’t skip out on the likes of Sekiro, Remnant 2, and Nioh 2, having invested so many hours into them. They’re available for pretty great prices and are certainly worth the time and money here. 

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