Stormrite Is The New Indie Action-RPG Coming To PC And Xbox Consoles

The new title features close-quartered combat, a lush world filled with lore and detail, and dragons (apparently).

Many open-world RPG games like Elden Ring or Skyrim have similar elements. Collecting an abundant amount of weapons, slaying ungodly beasts, exploring hundreds of dungeons, or just grinding a certain enemy because the game will not let you proceed until you are a certain level. Well, it seems Stormrite won’t be short of any of this.

Originally announced on August 3, 2021, the game is set to release soon, but unfortunately, no exact date was given. Unravel the dark secrets of the mysterious kingdom of Redreach in this open-world action-RPG coming soon to PC and Xbox consoles.

The official account for the game on Twitter gives us a subtle hint that the game might be found on the Xbox Game Pass, but if it even gets there is to be seen. As of now, the only mentioned platforms are the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the Xbox One, and PC.

When it comes to choices, the game gives you a lot of them. You will play the role of a young squire in an ever-evolving world, exploring a world full of chaos and conflict. You can become an expert assassin by using trickery to your advantage, learn the arts of foul dark magic, or lead your armies into a large-scale war.

The game includes multiple endings to all questlines and an extremely rich character tree to decide how you interact with the environment and its inhabitants. This game gives you the power to decide your role in the shifting balances in the world of Stormrite.

With the gameplay trailer looking strong, and the many skills and magical abilities looking extremely rich and interesting, it is no doubt that this game may be the one to set a new standard that was previously left by the likes of Skyrim and Elden Ring. If you are interested in the world that this game offers, you can now add the game to your wishlist on Steam.


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