Suicide Squad’s Core Game Isn’t Changing, Says Industry Insider

After multiple delays and a less than ideal response from its recent gameplay trailer, Jason Schreier states that amid delays, the core game and concept for Suicide Squad will not change.

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  • Jason Schreier says that even though a new release date has not been announced, chances are that the game might slip into 2024.
  • Jason also says that the core game with all its principles will not be going under any changes.
  • This statement proves that the last gameplay trailer revealed for the game will be more or less what we will receive on launch.

Amid massive delays, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has been going through some rough terrain regarding its community response. As stated by Jason Schreier—a noteworthy industry insider and Bloomberg reporter—Rocksteady has not announced a new release date for the game because one may not exist. This may come unsurprising to some as the community response to the last trailer was mediocre, to say the least.

Jason continues to say that the staff working on the game was told that the game would launch sometime later this year, but an exact date or area of release was not stated. This may indicate a release for 2024. Jason Schreier finally states with some certainty, that the core and its gameplay will not be subject to change. This statement proves that the last gameplay trailer revealed for the game will be more or less what we will receive on launch.

With the high expectations set by the Arkham franchise, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was going to be the game that would put the studio back on the map. But with the recent trailers, design choices, and the less-than-ideal community response, that game may not be living up to the reputation its predecessors had previously set.

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Many players have started comparing the title to many other live-service AAA games where the game is driven by a live-service model and make most of its money through a battle pass system. Unlike its previous games, this title is also being marked by players as mindless hack-and-slash, only this time with miniguns and grenade launchers.

Players share that the most interesting part of the game is its story and the extremely detailed cutscenes that the game has shown. The story of a game was always the strong suit for Rocksteady but seeing the other aspects of the game being ‘normalized‘ for the sake of playing it safe, seems like a bad decision, and many players agree with this.

Overall the developers have seen and reacted to the feedback by delaying the game, but if the delay has no real implication on the development of the game, then the studio is delaying the inevitable. With the development mostly complete, and the audience knowing well what they are going to receive, the current state of the game is not looking good, and to fix it, the developers need to put in major work in a short span of time.

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