Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Could Be Delayed Until 2024

Rocksteady officially announced that the game would still release in 2023, but the insider thinks otherwise.

Story Highlights

  • Jeff Grubb has revealed that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League may now release in 2024.
  • As per the insider, the delay is longer than what the Bloomberg report has put out.
  • Grubb also mentioned how the source telling him has always been a good one.

Industry insider Jeff Grubb said in his Game Mess podcast that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will now launch in 2024. The leaker said as per his sources, it is a bigger delay than the Bloomberg statement says it is. Grubb also mentioned how the source telling him this info has always been a very good one. He acknowledged how leaks like these are hard to believe, but this does hold some weight.

Listen, I don’t want to cause a panic or anything but I have heard it’s not even coming this year. I am hearing 2024 and I heard that earlier this evening that this is a bigger delay than what’s being put out there. We’ll see as this stuff is hard to nail down for sure. I’ll say this source has always been a very good one.”

Jeff Grubb also discussed what Rocksteady could do with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. He said that the basic structure of the game will not change in a year and that does make sense. But, what the developer could do is balance the live service aspects with the game’s story, as per Grubb. The insider talks about this in the video below from 17:55 onwards.

YouTube video

Bloomberg first reported this delay and even though the bad reception at the PlayStation State of Play isn’t cited as the main reason, many assume it likely is. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League had a gameplay reveal spot at the February presentation. Rocksteady showed off its next entry in the Arkham universe. However, the reception wasn’t similar to those Batman games.

Fans already knew about the co-op aspect of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Players can team up in squads of up to four players to do missions and fight bosses. The live service mechanics were the real killer of the action-adventure game’s PR. As per the presentation, the game would have a battle pass full of cosmetic items.

In addition, the gameplay showcased the game as a looter-shooter game in the ilk Destiny 2 and Warframe. A “gear score” menu would be visible during gameplay and you can earn loot to upgrade your individual characters. Rocksteady also revealed how an online connection will be a necessity to play Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, even in single-player mode. As one would expect, DC fans weren’t big fans of this present at the February State of Play.

YouTube video

Many called out the live service aspect of the game, relating it to Marvel’s Avengers game. Criticism was also aimed at the emphasis Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League put on looting-and-shooting mechanics. The battle pass just added to the backlash, with the always-online facet being the cherry on top. Hence, many assume this bad reception to be the main cause of the delay, even if the Bloomberg report doesn’t directly say it.

Even though Jeff Grubb’s release date for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is farther away than Bloomberg’s, wholesale changes aren’t certain. The publication said Rocksteady is delaying the game to “polish” it and Jeff Grubb also mentioned how it would take 2-3 years to completely re-work it. As a result, the live service or looter-shooter aspect will probably not go away completely. 

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