The Day Before Sold Over 200,000 Units With More Than 90,000 Refunds

FNTASTIC has deemed it a financial failure worse than Propnight.

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  • The Day Before sold 201,076 units on Steam with 91.694 refunds.
  • FNTASTIC has deemed it a failure that’s far worse than its previous game, Propnight.
  • Multiple users have confirmed that Steam is being lenient with its refund policy during this event.

The Day Before managed to sell an unimpressive 201,076 units on Steam of which 91,694 were refunded. The news was shared by members of the FNTASTIC dev team in their internal communications system. According to the image, the “open-world MMO” failed financially and its result is far worse than the dev’s previous project, Propnight.

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Following its disappointing launch, players began mass-refunding the game for a multitude of reasons. Part of Steam’s policy of providing refunds states that your playtime should not exceed two hours of playtime. However, it seems that the platform is exercising some leniency in this particular situation given the ordeal. 

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Multiple users on Reddit have reported that Steam is indeed accepting refunds for the controversial title despite its policy. Other users have weighed in with remarks that convey their disappointment given the complex history of this game.

Steam is now offering refunds for ‘The Day Before’, even if you played it more than 2-hours
byu/dark_ligma inpcmasterrace

The game was initially announced in 2021 with a gameplay trailer that displayed its fundamental mechanics and systems. Following the reveal, it was marketed by FNTASTIC as an open-world MMO that incorporates survival and third-person shooter elements similar to Naughty Dog‘s The Last of Us & Ubisoft‘s The Division series.

The Day Before
The Day Before

Following a series of delays, a prolonged period of silence, unkept promises, and several rumors, The Day Before arrived on PC in Early Access only to be met with an overwhelmingly negative reception. Combined with the dev’s portfolio and work culture, many questioned FNTASTIC’s ability to even deliver such an ambitious title. 

The debut revealed itself as an extraction-focused looter-shooter, akin to titles such as Escape from Tarkov. As observed by u/NorthCartographer on the game’s subreddit, FNTASTIC attempted to eliminate any references to the title being an open-world experience on SteamDB by modifying tags.

Removing the tags from Steam that showed it being an open world, survival MMO
byu/NorthCartographer995 inTheDayBefore

The Day Before launched in Early Access on December 7, 2023, for PC. 

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