Naughty Dog Has Dropped Another Hotfix For The Last Of Us Part 1 PC

The emphasis on fixing the game's current performance continues.

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  • The Last of Us Part 1 on PC has been off to a poor start, being ridden with technical bugs, glitches, and other issues that keep players from actually playing the game. 
  • Naughty Dog has pushed out another hotfix—v1.0.1.6—in an attempt to possibly alleviate the current state of its third-person shooter. This is the second patch that The Last of Us Part 1 has received on PC since its launch on March 28. 
  • The latest patch aims to fix memory, performance, and other relevant areas that are currently affecting the game’s playability. 

The Last of Us Part 1 has been patched one more time following its haphazard launch on PC. The new update, titled v1.0.1.6, for the game strives to refine a myriad of different areas that currently hinder playability. These include the minimization of memory-induced crashes, a fix for boot-up shutdowns, improved performance during cutscenes and gameplay, and a sized-down PSO cache for reducing memory requirements. 

The Last of Us Part I v1.0.1.6 Patch Notes for PC
The Last of Us Part I v1.0.1.6 Patch Notes for PC 

Thanks to the increasing number of reports pouring in from platforms such as The Last of Us subreddit, Naughty Dog is aware of the messy situation that its otherwise brilliant post-apocalyptic thriller is in. The game currently sits with a “Mostly Negative” review rating on Steam, amassing a total of 9,805 ratings on the highly esteemed PC gaming platform but only claiming 33% of those as positive to its name. 

The gist of the patch v1.0.1.6 is to target performance- and memory-related improvements going forward. Naughty Dog says, “The team is closely watching player reports to support future improvements and patches.” Here are the full release notes that have arrived in the wake of the new update. You’ll observe that there’s also the implementation of a tracker system that will help the developer spot issues with the game.

  • Decreased PSO cache size to reduce memory requirements and minimize Out of Memory crashes.
  • Added additional diagnostics for developer tracking purposes.
  • Increased animation streaming memory to improve performance during gameplay and cinematics.
  • Fix for crash on boot relating to game save files.

Although The Last of Us Part 1 did receive a PC port in recent times, things haven’t been going smoothly at all on that front. Being the eighteenth PlayStation exclusive to make landfall on PC, Naughty Dog’s third-person shooter has sadly joined the party of disappointing PC ports, and players are starting to get fed up at this point. Game after game, PC gaming doesn’t seem to be getting the right treatment by developers in recent times. 

The community has been severely troubled by The Last of Us Part 1’s graphical pangs on PC lately, with both Joel and Ellie looking straight-up absurd on the port. Accompanying this scenario is the inclusion of terrible performance that does not seem to take any level of hardware into account and crashes the game straight away for many. One of the most notorious issues with the title right now appears to pertain to shader-building. 

The previous patch for The Last of Us Part 1 following the game’s janky launch did address the matter to some extent, but there’s a lot more ironing out needed than what a single hotfix can manage. It’s not all bad, though, thankfully, since some players are able to get the game up and running. Still, that’s what the whole point of optimization is, where you’re not testing your luck out, getting by on just “hope” that a game will run. 

In other news, particularly something of a different nature, The Last of Us Part 1 has shaped up to be PlayStation’s fourth biggest first-party launch on PC by concurrent players. The concurrent player count of the title peaked about three days ago when the figure hit about 36,496 users. The top spot in that regard still goes to the 2018-released God of War, which seemingly clocked over 73,000 users. 

It’s unclear as to how the situation will improve and when, but things are pretty ugly with The Last of Us Part 1 on PC at the moment, and we mean that in a literal sense. Poor Joel and Ellie are putting up with an issue worse than the zombie apocalypse right now—no wonder the whole lot is sweating profusely during cutscenes. Stay tuned to the site for more updates and relevant The Last of Us Part 1 PC news. 

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