The Wonder Boy Collection Set To Release On PS4 & Switch

The rating board has recently rated the game for PS4 and Switch

Wonder Boy has been around for a long time. The beloved series got its first game way back in 1986. Since then, the series has had 6 more original games, several remakes and other compilations too. The game also in present in other media with comic adaptations in Sonic the Comic. Wonder Boy is even on current-gen consoles. And the series is getting another collection on the current consoles.

ESRB has recently rated a new Wonder Boy Collection. It has rated the game E for Everyone. The game is for a more younger audience, so this rating is no surprise. The rating board has also given a summary for this rating.

ESRB also give a summary of the E rating.

This is news because the collection has not been formally announced. Sega has not given any info on a new Wonder Boy Collection – the rating is the first official confirmation of the game. Besides, this ESRB rating is the first evidence of the collection’s existence. 

Like any fantasy game, Wonder Boy Collection has some violence in it. You are fighting monsters in the game, so violence is a given. But, it’s very mild and nothing too bad. The player fights monsters by using weapons such as an axe and swords. The enemies aren’t that difficult and include skeletons, giants, insects, and octopuses. You will fight them, and they will “disappear into puffs of smoke” once-beaten. 

Wonder Boy Collection does include some references to Alcohol. The player can visit a store and buy beer and cocktails. This can be considered a bit inappropriate, but it’s not really much; the game still has a fair E rating even with it.

These are the only notable things listed by the rating board. So, the rest of the Wonder Boy Collection is most probably ok for a younger audience. Hence, the E rating makes total sense for such a game. According to the rating, the game will launch on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch

About Wonder Boy:

Wonder Boy is a platform game where layers fight monster in a rendered environment. The game has many fantasy elements with monsters, swords and other things from the genre present in the series. It’s a side-scrolling games based on adventure and fun. All the game require battles and solving puzzles to progress through the game.

Another name for the series is Monster World because of the recent games in the franchise. But, they still belong to the Wonder Boy Collection of games. The game has insane longevity. It was originally playable on the Wii and now is also present on the PS4. Even though there are only seven games in the main series, Wonder Boy has got a lot of remakes and compilations.

The most recent game was the remake of Asha in the Monster World, and the last main game was the cursed kingdom. So, the franchise is still going strong; with another collection now on the way, we will see a lot of Wonder Boy.

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