Horizon Forbidden West Map Leaked Ahead Of Release

The map appears to be larger than its predecessor.

Exciting times lay along for enthusiasts of the adventure genre. All gazes are on Horizon Forbidden West, set to release next week. The stunning amalgamation of dinosaurs and machines has left players craving another title. Horizon Forbidden West ought to set records in the adventure genre like the former title. With the release of Forbidden West drawing near, its predecessor is still on the way to hitting more climacterics. Horizon Zero Dawn hit new milestones just a few days ago. 

Only a few games can have the experience better than its artworks; Horizon Forbidden West is shaping up to be one such title. Leakers become proactive whenever the release of a title comes to a close. It’s no surprise that Horizon Forbbiden West has received a lot of leaks. A few hours ago, the map of Forbidden West was sighted over Twitter

Horizon Forbidden West Map Leaked

The map of Horizon Forbbiden West is predicted to be bigger than its predecessor. The beauty of an open world is in the particulars of a map and the fable opportunities that come with an expansive world. A big map is of no use if it’s barren; Forbidden West appears to be full of life and adventures, so that is one concern gamers have left behind.

The map of Forbidden West was sighted on Twitter just a few hours ago. Players have praised the developers for creating such an immersive world. It provides more opportunities and adventures. Players are pledged more freedom and the ability to climb more spots. The Horizon Zero Dawn map spanned 4 miles across, and the heir is foreseen to be more significant. 


The map is massive and looks promising. The world is hidden underneath the fog of war in the video to keep it spoiler-free. The post-apocalyptic feel of overgrown vegetation accompanies the gigantic map. The ancient structures and human settlements add a good sprinkle of life. The unforgiving creatures undoubtedly make the world enjoyable to explore.

Remarks Of Mathijs De Jonge

Mathijs de Jonge, Game Director for Horizon Forbidden West, has alleviated some fog on the topic, much to the anticipation of the community.

“The map is a little bit bigger, but in general, we’ve really looked at increasing the density, and adding more content,” Mathijs de Jonge exclaims.

A small part of the community has shown concern regarding the big map. Worrying that the map may feel barren, but that is unlikely to happen considering Guerilla Games is the team behind this much-anticipated world. Some players are trying to stay spoiler-free. Surprisingly, more about the story was not leaked since the copy of Horizon Forbbiden West was sighted over jailbroken PS4. We had seen how such a disaster ended when the Last Of Us Part 2 story was leaked, splitting the community even before the game came out.

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the biggest titles to release this year. With just a few days away, gamers are glistening with elation. What are your thoughts about the map? Let us know in the comments below!

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