PlayStation 5 Is The Most Desired Present On The Christmas Whislist This Year

Hopefully Santa has some stock lying around because everyone wants the console this holiday season.

As the holiday season rages on, so do the sales that come with it. Due to the discounts, a lot of people spend heavily during holidays and gaming products are among the best-sellers. We have already seen this effect in play with PlayStation 5 on Cyber Monday and Xbox Series X on Black Friday when they were among the best-selling products. 

Now, as the biggest holiday rolls around, games and consoles will find themselves high up on almost every wishlist. According to a new study, that is exactly going to be the case as another gaming console will rule general product sales. PlayStation 5 is going to be the most in-demand console in the US this Christmas, says Rakuten.

Major Takeaways

  • PlayStation 5 is the most popular item on Christmas wishlists this year.
  • Nintendo Switch comes in 2nd in the list made by Rakuten.
  • Xbox Series X takes the No.5 spot in the US, below its competitors.

Japanese electronic commerce company Rakuten conducted this study in the United States this year. GameRant was the first to report its findings and the results are certainly interesting, to say the least. Rakuten used Google trends to determine which items were the most popular during the Christmas period.

The company conducted this study in every of the US and PlayStation 5 came out on top as the winner. Sony’s flagship console has the most searches out of all items in a massive Thirteen states. With highly populated Texas, Utah, Florida, and Louisiana on the list, it’s safe to say that the PS5 was on many present lists this season. 

Another console also makes the top 5 list of Rakuten’s Christmas study. Nintendo Switch takes the No.2 spot in the most-wanted Christmas items list according to Rakuten. The handheld console was the top searched item in Ten states, being narrowly beaten out by the PlayStation 5.

Seeing how the Switch first came out in 2017, to see it still make such lists just proves its humongous success. It has broken records and achieved milestones Nintendo probably never thought it could. And, it is showing no signs of stopping as it’s still in high demand as the list tells us.

The No.3 item on the Rakuten list ends the gaming dominance as the iPad takes this spot. Apple’s tablet was the most in-demand item in Seven states including Hawaii, Indiana, and West Virginia. However, gaming closed out the top 5 list with another one of its flagship products making the list.

Xbox Series X attain the Number 5 spot on the list from Rakuten, which is somewhat disappointing. The Microsoft console had a huge resurgence on Black Friday alongside its sister product the Xbox Series S. But, it seems like the PlayStation 5 beats out its competitor rather easily this time around. 

Xbox Series X was the No.1 searched item in Five states, which is a low number when compared to its competitors. For whatever reason, the console is just not ranking as high in popularity as the PlayStation 5. Both of these have had similar problems with the COVID-19 pandemic restricting supply and game delays, but the Sony console is more popular 2 years on.

You can say that the console exclusives under PlayStation 5’s belt are what makes it so desirable to consumers. Even though that’s not wrong, Xbox also has unique resources like the Xbox Game Pass at its disposal now. With the Microsoft Activision deal in the works too, it’s not a question of value anymore as you can recoup a lot with an Xbox.

But, as stocks of both of the consoles have improved, PlayStation 5 still has the edge. Nintendo Switch also beating out the next-gen Xbox feeds into the exclusive games theory. It also has some popular exclusives like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Animal Crossing, and Mario Kart 8.

Exclusives are the only thing that set apart all these consoles, so maybe consumers prefer them over high-value products like the Game Pass. The console race will get interesting next year with Xbox getting a myriad of exclusive games. But whatever happens, hopefully, all of them have enough stock for us to enjoy these titles.

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