Horizon Zero Dawn Sells Over 20 Million Copies On PlayStation And PC

Also hitting a whopping 1+ billion hours played.

Horizon Zero Dawn has been a stellar success for Sony and Playstation. Dinosaurs being a part of video game genres is nothing new; gamers have had a weird fascination with those giants since the advent of gaming. Many games have merged dinosaurs into different genres; Horizon Zero Dawn did it justice in an innovative fashion. This open-world action-adventure title transmutes dinosaur creatures into mechanical-like beings in a post-apocalyptic setting, executing it enjoyably.

Horizon Zero Dawn first set foot on PS4 back in 2017. A PC port eventually came out in 2020 as Sony has changed its model; more exclusive titles are starting to release on PC, including Days Gone and Death Stranding. Zero Dawn hit 10 million copies sold on PS4 in 2019 with no further achievements in 2020 or 2021.

Horizon Zero Dawn Cross 20+ Million Milestone

The game was gaining fans even through its time of silence. Horizon Zero Dawn crept up to 20+ million copies sold. It’s an exceptionally remarkable triumph for a new IP. These are nearly elusive figures. The milestone acts as a rugged cue about why Sony has been inclined to build PlayStation‘s essence about its first-party output.

That’s not all; Horizon Zero Dawn has hit another breakthrough. The title now boasts of having 1+Billion Hours. That’s no simple feat, and it’s exceptional to reach even half of that amount for most games.

The PlayStation Twitter account also tweeted to congratulate for this massive feat. On another note, they also revealed the new cinematic trailer given below:

The community has also responded in an optimistic tone, with fans on Reddit praising the game for hitting these colossal breakthroughs.

One admirer, Rackornar, sums it up perfectly. “Pretty happy to see it has reached this many people. In my opinion, Guerilla has been an absolutely great studio that a lot of people slept on during the Killzone era. It’s nice to see them finally getting some recognition and many being on board with their new series. Also, who would have guessed game about fighting giant robot animals/dinosaurs with a bow and arrow would get so many people to play it.”

The successor of Horizon Zero Dawn is approaching closer. It is imminent to launch for PS5 and PS4 on February 18, 2022. For most titles, sequels don’t always reach the same critical success. However, Horizon Forbidden West is shaping up to be a worthy successor from what we have seen thus far.

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