Trademark Filed For Secret Bethesda Game Spyteam

The game has been in work for many years and had a trademark filed for 2022

Bethesda is one of the leading video game publishers in the industry. The studio has released huge video games like Doom, Fallout and Evil Within just in the past few years. So, everyone is always waiting to see what such a big publisher will do next. We do know that Bethesda is officially releasing Starfield, Redfall and Ghostwire: Tokyo in 2022. But, there might be another secret game on the way from the American publisher.

Bethesda recently filed a new trademark for Spyteam, a secret game that has been in the works for many years. The application for the filing shows us the year 2022. Hence, this is a very new trademark and can mean some news about the game.

We first saw the name “Spyteam” in a trademark filing by Bethesda way back in 2018. This filing was made by Zenimax, which is Bethesda’s parent company. Bethesda also built the new Austin Studio at the same time as this filing. Many job listings told us that the secret game in the works at the Austin studio is Spyteam. So, This means that the game has been in development for at least 4 years now.

The trademark that got filed in 2018 was renewed every year by Bethesda until 2021. However, this trademark is an entirely new one and is separate from the 2018 Spyteam filing. Fans are interpreting this as a sign for some new info about the game. This is a fresh filing so maybe we will finally learn what the game is actually about.

The original trademark filing was also nearly 4 years ago by Bethesda. The job listings on the other hand are from 2020. As a result, the game has been in development for at least 2 years if not 3 or 4. And that is enough time to make something you can show to an audience. Therefore, new info about the game isn’t that far fetched of an idea. But, that is only our opinion and just speculation as of now; nothing is certain.

Virtually nothing else is known about Spyteam other than the platforms. The game is a total mystery from top to bottom and we don’t even know the genre. But, this new trademark might lift that mysterious curtain the game is hiding in. Hopefully, we hear some concrete news from Bethesda about Spyteam very soon.

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