Starfield Continues Its Top-Selling Steam Run Ahead Of Upcoming Release


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  • Starfield is Bethesda’s extremely anticipated upcoming space RPG, and apparently one of the biggest exclusives Xbox has ever pushed out for itself.
  • The game is slated to release on September 6, but those who got the Premium or Constellation Edition will be able to play from the first of September.
  • Ahead of the game’s release, Starfield has claimed the top spot on Steam’s top-sellers list right now, which covers titles in terms of revenue. 
  • This goes on to show how much hype Starfield has gathered for its name, and how Bethesda is gearing up to launch what appears to be one of the biggest games of all time. 

Starfield, Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG with a monumental level of hype to its name, is currently surmounting Steam’s top-sellers chart in terms of revenue. It’s overtaken the likes of Baldur’s Gate 3—Larian Studios’ recently released masterpiece—and has even laid waste to Armored Core 6 at the time of writing. It’s simply a no-brainer right now that this game is going straight for the stars.  

Starfield on Steam's Top-Sellers List at the Time of Writing
Starfield on Steam’s Top-Sellers List at the Time of Writing

As the first-person shooter set in the galaxy around us nears its 6 September release date, more and more information seems to be coming out in the open, driving fans toward even more excitement. For starters, Bethesda’s Pete Hines said that they’re 150 hours into the game, and still nowhere near close to seeing everything that the title has to offer. If that doesn’t up the ante for you, we’re not sure what will.

Furthermore, a recent leak has suggested that in-game planets could be surrounded by invisible boundaries, and this comes as a disappointing surprise to many. However, a grain of salt approach is best taken with the information at hand, given how the leaked screenshot could be from the game’s tutorial as well, which is usually fairly restricted across most RPGs. 

Looking back, Starfield’s first official announcement teaser dates to 2018, and as the years went by from that point on, Bethesda was radio silent on what is otherwise its biggest project in a long while. It was only in mid-2022 that Starfield started coming into the spotlight more, and following the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct and whatnot, things have escalated significantly on this front.  

Bethesda’s RPG, which has allegedly been 25 years in the making, is currently all the rage these days. The title topping Steam charts at the moment is just a small notion of the excitement it has amassed over time, being a space-centric AAA game with a next-level sense of freedom. In case you missed it, Todd Howard, the Bethesda frontman, has said how Starfield will featured about 1,000 planets.

Starfield In-Game Screenshot
Starfield In-Game Screenshot

On a side note though, you might be wondering what the developers referred to with that previous statement. I mean, they can’t have been developing Starfield for the last 25 years, right? Correct. That highlight is basically a nod toward Starfield’s primordial existence and a vision that has been lingering on Bethesda’s backlog for that period of time. 

Moreover, this game is the culmination of what the world-renowned US-based studio has ever worked on prior to it. In simple words, Starfield could either make or break Bethesda, and our money’s on the former. A little over 2 weeks ago, it was announced that Starfield has gone gold, meaning that the development of the RPG has all wrapped up, and it’s all set to hit stores near us. 

To be able to play Starfield early, you need to purchase the Premium Edition of the game. It sets users back about $99, but that’s nothing compared to the title’s Constellation Edition—a fully decked-out variant of Starfield that comprises a specialized watch, steelbook display case, and, of course, 5 days of early access. Let us know in the comments section ahead what edition of the RPG you’re going with. 

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