Starfield Features Cross-Save Support; “Xbox Play Anywhere” Tag Spotted On The Store Page

The wishes of fans have been heard.

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  • Starfield has the “Xbox Play Anywhere” tag on the official store page. It means that players can use the cross-platform save support feature that is often included in Xbox’s first-party games.
  • Users can play on the same save files on both platforms without issues. Buying the digital edition game on a single platform will give you a copy on the other platform for free. 
  • The game cannot be searched using the Xbox Play Anywhere list, likely because it is newly added. Bethesda talked about adding the features two months ago, but the tweet was deleted soon after. 
  • The title is set to arrive on PC, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X on Sep 6. Pre-ordering the digital edition will let you play from Sep 1. It supports 60 FPS on PC and 30 FPS on consoles.

A new tidbit about Starfield has recently been found that could wholly change the user experience. The game suddenly has the “Xbox Play Anywhere” tag on the official Xbox store page. To elaborate on its significance, users can utilize the cross-platform save support feature, a big feature for Xbox first-party titles. The users can play on the same save file on both platforms without any caveats in between.

Starfield's official Xbox page now contains the Xbox Play Anywhere tag.
Starfield’s official Xbox page now contains the Xbox Play Anywhere tag.

Despite the “Xbox Play Anywhere” tag being added to the Xbox page on the platform, the game is nowhere to be seen when you search using the list. A possible reason behind it could be that Starfield has just got the new tag and has not made it to the other pages of the giant conglomerate. It is unclear whether the tag is intentional, but time will confirm it.

The Bethesda Support Twitter account also allegedly said two months ago that the Xbox Play Anywhere would be added eventually, but the post was soon deleted. The devs may have since agreed to include the alluring feature in Starfield.

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If Starfield players buy the game on a PC or console, they will receive a copy for the other device without paying an extra dime. Cross-save progression will also work on digital only. It is worth noting that this only applies to the digital edition of the entry. Those who purchase the physical copy will not be lucky enough to receive the entry on the other platform. As previously affirmed, Starfield will also ship with a disc on the Xbox console. 

It has also been confirmed that only 10% of planets in Starfield will contain life. In other words, only a hundred planet out of a thousand will be teeming with life. While the low number of life-filled planets turned some people off, others argued it is more realistic this way. We also know that the game will feature guns like Ak-47 and the ability to decorate your ships in different ways by hanging multiple images taken in the photo mode.

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The first-party Xbox entry is aiming for a release on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. It will seemingly run at a locked 30 FPS on consoles after launch but is expected to retain the 60 FPS on PC. We can expect to get our hands on the title on Sep 6, 2023, with the global release, as confirmed in the launch date reveal trailer. However, you can play Starfield even earlier on Sep 1 by pre-ordering the digital premium edition for early access.

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