Insanely Dedicated Redditor Has Written 1000 Pages Of Starfield Analysis

The paper covers every little detail from trailers, interviews, concept art and leaks of Starfield, but why?

Story Highlights

  • Reddit user u/Gokamo wrote a 1000-page paper covering every little detail shown of Starfield. 
  • Work on the 1071-page, 86k-word paper began in 2022 and could continue into the future.
  • The author reportedly wants to get a job at Bethesda and worked at NASA in the past. 

A Reddit user named u/Gokamo did the unthinkable. For the past year, this individual worked on a paper documenting every little detail of Bethesda’s upcoming game Starfield. Gokamo sifted through every interview, every leak, every gameplay trailer, including the 40-minute Starfield direct to analyze everything there is about the game.

The result is a 1071-page, 86,000-word analysis of Starfield. The user has been posting the paper on Reddit for the last few months, updating it as new information and trailers come out. This week, Gokamo made his biggest update yet following the deep dive of the game from last month’s Starfield Direct. The paper, titled “An Attempted Complete Starfield Compendium” has been continuously updated on Google Docs.

The Reddit post about the paper

When I started working on the Starfield direct, I never would have guessed that I would reach well over 1000 pages, but here we are. 600 pages in a month is about the speed I did last time, there was just so so so much more so this took some time to finish up. I’m officially well into the novel word count range now. And even still I’m sure there is plenty I missed, if you noticed something I didn’t or I got something wrong let me know!”

But why did a Redditor spend countless hours analyzing every little piece of Starfield content? At the end of the post, it appears that Gokamo wants a job at Bethesda. They write in their post that if “anyone from Bethesda is reading this, I’d love to bring this passion to a career there”. It is not uncommon for Bethesda to hire dedicated fans, the company has hired popular modders in the past

The author was also inspired by strategy guides for Oblivion and Morrowind that they had read as a kid, according to the paper. They were also inspired by the vastness of Bethesda’s open-world RPGs. Growing up near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center was also a big inspiration to u/Gokamo, who claims to have worked at NASA at one point. 

The paper itself is broken down into 3 arcs, with the first arc covering the early leaks and original rumors of the game as well as the earliest details, concept art, and trailers of the game. The 2nd arc covers topics such as the RPG mechanics of the game, as well as interviews with Todd Howard. The 3rd arc of the paper covers every detail of the 45-minute Starfield direct deep dive. 

While we are excited to be able to play Bethesda’s newest RPG, I don’t think anyone is as excited as u/Gokamo. Their dedication is impressive, and this is the great thing about Reddit, there is no shortage of people who will put effort into things like this. Starfield releases on September 6th, 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

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