Newly Leaked Starfield In-Game Image Shows An AK-47 In Space

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  • It’s not an understatement to say that Starfield is one of the biggest releases of the year if not the biggest altogether. The game, after years of development, subsequent rumors, leaks, and news stories, is finally slated to launch on September 6, 2023, provided that all goes well. 
  • In addition, Starfield leaks have become commonplace, and they’ve been happening for a considerable time now. A new leak surfacing on the internet showcases the game’s loading screen along with one of those tips that pop up on display during the loading sequence. 
  • Moreover, another leaked image sees the player holding what appears to be an AK-47. This particular photo also lets us in on a number of gameplay details prevalent in Starfield, such as Thermal, Corrosive, Airborne, and Radiation elements for your character’s armor. 

Starfield is coming soon, but evidently, leaks and rumors surrounding Bethesda’s otherwise epic space exploration RPG aren’t slowing down either. This time around, two new photos that are seemingly in-game screenshots of Starfield have found their way online, showcasing what appears to be an AK-47this one’s pretty much timeless at this point—and the loading screen of the game that comprises one of those typical loading tips. 

Thanks to IdleSloth for securing the leaked images on their Discord, and there’s been several mirror uploads on different platforms regarding these photos as well. For instance, you can find the one with the player holding a weapon in their hands here on Imgur, detailing multiple other aspects of Starfield’s gameplay as well. From what we can tell while making short work of all the blurred content, players can fast travel right from the main menu

Leaked Starfield Image
Leaked Starfield Image Showcasing The In-Game Character Holding a Weapon, Along With Other Details

Moreover, you can comprehend how the apparent loot in the image sports various armor-centric metrics to take into consideration. These include Thermal, Corrosive, Radiation, and Airborne, and there’s also the factor of “Oxygen Consumption” that is likely to play a vital role in survival in Starfield. And, of course, being an RPG, item rarity is going to be yet another major proponent of the title’s gameplay. 

The other image doesn’t exactly show off any semblance of grandeur but it’s still something. A loading screen comprising a hint for playing the game along with a name and level can be observed in this leak, though we’re unsure as to what “Dustin” and “Level 2” are gesturing toward exactly. Not a lot to go on here, of course, apart from the confirmation of various unlockable skills in-game.  

The Loading Screen in Starfield
The Loading Screen in Starfield

Starfield has been monumental for Xbox so far, just in terms of marketing and its through-the-roof anticipation, which is seemingly putting a lot of pressure on the company as well if you look at it from another perspective. Following the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Double Direct, the title became top-selling on Steam at no more than a moment’s notice. Let’s just pray at this point that Bethesda’s new RPG doesn’t disappoint at launch.

In other news, Starfield will ship with a disc for its physical variant, as confirmed by Bethesda. Earlier, Bethesda Support replied to a concerned fan who asked about the inclusion of discs on the Series X variant of the title, saying “All physical editions include a code for the chosen platform. There are no physical discs.” The tweet was deleted altogether shortly after that. 

And out of the plethora of planets that Starfield will feature as part of its space exploring expedition for players, only 10% of them will have actual living beings on them. The rest will be more resource-oriented, while these ones would fall under the special “Goldilocks zone,” so people know where to go for what. However, given the scale of this particular game, it’s safe to say that mods are going to push Starfield beyond its limits.

Bethesda’s “25 years-in-the-making” RPG makes landfall on September 6, 2023, for the Xbox Series X|S and PC exclusively. 

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