Marvel’s Blade Is Being Developed On Void Engine

The ArtStation profile of a Senior Lighting Artist confirms this.

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  • Marvel’s Blade is being developed with Void Engine. 
  • The Void Engine was developed by Arkane Studios and was used in notable entries like Dishonored 2.
  • Void Engine aids in developing denser maps, which can now be expected in Marvel’s Blade.

A job listing shows that Marvel’s Blade is being developed on Void Engine. The ArtStation profile of Thomas Mothe, the Senior Lighting Artist for Arkane Lyon Studios, who is currently working on the development of the entry, affirms it (thanks @BossBigBoss73). Previously, another employee’s LinkedIn profile confirmed that Arkane plans on using it for their newer games.

The Void Engine was developed by Arkane Studios. It came into effect by utilizing the core of id Tech 6 Engine and modifying it. The devs have employed it for a number of entries, such as Dishonored 2 and Deathloop. While Void Engine was based on id Tech 6, it was heavily redeveloped for better map quality in Dishonored 2; the end result was the title consisting of denser and more detailed maps. 

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I think it’s interesting to see Void Engine at work again in Marvel’s Blade. Its presence more or less affirms that denser and more intricate maps similar to that of Dishonored 2 will be found in the entry. Dishonored 2 maps that were developed with the Void Engine featured densely populated maps to resemble a real-life city with a lot going on, and the similarity can now be expected from Marvel’s Blade. 

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Marvel’s Blade was formally announced at The Game Awards in 2023. The entry is a result of a collaboration between Marvel Games and Arkane Lyon, a subsidiary of Bethesda Game Studios. Allegedly, the project has been under development since early January 2022

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