Ubisoft Debunks Rumor Of A New Blade Game In Development

Ubisoft was quick to deny rumors of an unannounced project being a suspected Blade game.

The prospect of superheroes in video games is not new, although it has become very trendy recently. There have been few successful superhero games because they are difficult to pull off, but it is changing quickly. Immersive games like Marvel’s Spider-Man have proven that modern superhero titles can succeed if crafted intricately. Marvel is collaborating with many developers to create more licensed projects.

Titles like Black Panther, a rumored Iron Man game, Wolverine and Midnight Suns, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, among many others, are currently in the brewer. It is clear that Marvel is expanding its root deeply by bringing its popular characters into the gaming industry. Recent rumors suggest that Marvel may have also shaken hands with Ubisoft for a Blade project.

Recently, a new fable has been whirring in the community, suggesting that Ubisoft‘s unannounced title might be a new Marvel’s Blade title in development in anticipation of Marvel’s upcoming film. JorRaptor, latest posts on social media shared within July appeared to hint toward a Blade project in production.

The actors Edwin Gaffney and Alex Martin are also a part of the rumor. Alex Martin’s Instagram depicts him in a full motion capture suit with a tag including Ubisoft’s logo on it. His first post also notes “@ubisoft,” thus establishing a connection. Edwin Gaffney’s first post also cites Ubisoft alongside the hashtag, “#ubisoftgames,” which just affirms it’s a gaming project.

The rumor was further cemented when actor Edwin Gaffney shared motion capture work images on social media, which contained the word “Marvel” as the production name on a clapperboard he was holding in the second post. The board also mentions “B. Tariq” as the production director. Bassam Tariq is currently directing the anticipated Blade movie. The second post further solidifies that it’s a Marvel project. 

All the vague hints pointed toward Marvel teaming up with Ubisoft for a Blade project. However, the rumors have turned out to be wholly false, as revealed by Ubisoft. The French company was quick to debunk the rumor on its Twitter handle by making a small tweet.

Seldom do developers jump quickly to dismantle brewing rumors. However, Ubisoft wanted to clear the fog to avoid any solidifying expectations in the future from Marvel fans. Moreover, Ubisoft is also looking forward to seeing how the upcoming Blade movie project turns out.

Although this turn of events has left the community in dismay, perhaps some other Marvel project is in the works at Ubisoft Studios, as cemented by the aforementioned posts. The community commemorates all the Marvel projects in the works, and more can never be enough, it seems. 

What are your thoughts regarding Ubisoft dismantling the rumors? Do let us know your opinions about it.

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