New Warzone 2 Resurgence Map Set In The Netherlands Has Leaked Online

The tweet was taken down due to a DMCA strike soon after it went online.

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  • A new Call of Duty: Warzone 2 map has reportedly leaked online alongside an image. It is rumored to be a Resurgence map that takes place in the Netherlands.
  • The map features a varied color palette, which is quite different than the existing game maps. It takes place in a city filled with residential homes and a Windmill along the river bed.
  • The original tweet was DMCA struck by the developers, suggesting that the rumors appearing since the last month could be true.
  • We suggest taking the new rumor with a grain of salt, as the map may not be released. It is expected to come out when the next Season starts in June.


The image in the tweet was later struck down as well, but we have managed to secure the same picture that detailed the newly datamined map.

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A recent Call of Duty: Warzone 2 datamine leak has surfaced an image of a whole new map that will soon make its way into the game. The image has since been shared online by @TaskForceLimg after the initial tweet was DMCA struck on Twitter. The new map is an esthetic eye candy, which is reportedly set in the greener pastures of the Netherlands. As per the datamine, it is named Vondel and appears to be a Resurgence map for the game. 

Earlier this year, the same insider had allegedly remarked about the new map; the rumors of a new map set in the Netherlands went viral online, and the new datamine has further corroborated those fables alongside an image that shows the mesmerizing details. The Warzone 2 users can get a good glimpse of how the new Vondel map will look inside the successful sequel, satiating the thirst for new and awaited content in the future.

Unless the image has been edited or fiddled with, the colors appear to be brighter than what we have currently seen in Modern Warzone 2. It also seems to be based in the middle of a city, in the midst of a residential area. The lone windmill stands proudly in the small town, elevating the nearby areas with its beauty and serving as a great vantage point. Moreover, the city is split by a huge flowing river, with areas linked by bridges.

No other picture or iteration of the map currently exists online, but it is backed up by another renowned industry insider that initially leaked it online. It is worth noting that another insider, CharlieIntel, had shared the map earlier, but it was soon taken down by a DMCA strike, which indirectly confirms its authenticity. Moreover, Charlie also iterates that the map is different from the one coming out in Fall and will arrive later in the entry.

It remains unknown when the new map will be added to the title, but we can make a healthy assumption based on previous updates and seasons. Warzone 2 maps often arrive with the beginning of a new Season, so we can anticipate it to be added to the title on June 4, when the new Season will finally start. It also coincides with the brewing rumors in the community, but these are mere speculations based on the past.

It is worth noting that the developers have not yet denied or debunked the rumor, and it is best taken with a hefty pinch of salt. Recently, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 was controversial because of a new pay-to-win bundle, which caused most of its community to dislike the initiative. The outrage and since simmered down, but the fanbase is still upset with the developers.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is a next-gen iteration of its predecessor, and it improves on the original in a variety of ways. The new sequel has been praised for preserving the original formula with little enhancements that only added to its allure, but recent updates and the flooding of hackers have caused the game’s rating to dwindle in recent months.

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