We Happy Few Ban In Australia Has Been Lifted

R 18+ Rating For The Game

We Happy Few has a lot of drug use in it and that is why the Australian Classification Review Board did not rate the game. Publisher Gearbox Publishing appealed and the board said that it would revisit the decision and that they would hear of it come July 3rd. Now that date is here, you will be glad to know that the game will be rated R 18+ and will be coming to Australia.

The Classification Board sent out a press release which read as follows:

“A three-member panel of the Classification Review Board has unanimously determined that the computer game We Happy Few is classified R 18+ (Restricted) with the consumer advice ‘Fantasy violence and interactive drug use. The National Classification Code and Classification Guidelines requires the treatment of drug use to not exceed high at the R 18+ level. In the Classification Review Board’s opinion We Happy Fewwarrants an R 18+ classification because the interactive drug use is high in impact. The overall impact of the classifiable elements in the computer game was no greater than high.”

While drugs are not something to be taken lightly, I am sure that gamers all over the world are happy with this decision and keeping in mind that in most cases players less than 18 years of age won’t be able to play the game, I think it is best for everyone. The game will also have a mature rating in the USA, which means that the 18+ restriction is not only for Australia bit for the US as well.

Compulsion Games made the official announcement as follows:

“We are extremely pleased with the decision of the board and excited that our Australian fans and new players will be able to experience We Happy Few without modification. We want to thank everybody who got involved in the discussion, contacted the board and sent us countless messages of support. Your involvement made a huge difference.”

The game is going to be coming out on August 10th and if you are over 18 then you should check it out. The trailer looks very interesting and I for one am excited about playing the game.

Talha Amjad

Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.
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