Yakuza 8: 5 Things We Know So far

From Ichiban's new looks to return of fan-favourite characters, there is a lot to know about the upcoming Yakuza 8!

Yakuza is a popular Japanese mafia franchise known for thrilling crime-driven plots and gangsters engaged in conflict. Players also get to experience fun and bizarre sidequests. Moreover, they can also find these gangsters engaged in many minigames including cabaret management, Mahjong, and Poker. With the recent reveal of Yakuza 8, fans are excited to continue Ichiban’s adventures. So here is everything we know so far about Yakuza 8!

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YouTube video

Returning Characters

Yakuza 8 everything we know so far
Possible Return of Fan Favourite Characters in Yakuza 8

In the leaked video, we can spot Yu Nanba and Koichi Adachi alongside Ichiban. This confirms the return of these characters in Yakuza 8. Both Nanba and Adachi gained immense popularity among fans due to their well-written character development and amazing combat abilities, so it is certainly exciting to see them make a return. It is, however, not knowing if they would be playable or not.

Furthermore, the return of these characters may imply the return of other “Yakuza: Like a Dragon characters including Saeko, Joon-gi Haan, and Zhao. Fans also expect Kiryu to make an appearance in the series however there is no confirmation as of yet by the franchise.

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Ichiban’s New Look

Yakuza 8 everything we know so far
Ichiban’s Different Look as Shown By Leaked Video

Ichiban seems to look different in Yakuza 8 as shown in the leaked video. Whether the new style looks good or not is up to you to decide. Here’s everything we know so far about Ichiban in Yakuza 8. 

His hair seems to be tied sleekly behind into a ponytail behind his head. This may imply that RGG studio may have just decided to change its look in the game. A lot of fans however expressed their dismay as they preferred his afro look in Yakuza Like a Dragon.

His look may change in new developments we get further reveals from RGG studio but for now, we would have to wait for more information. Some fans translated the text beneath the video, and it appears that Nanba is asking Ichiban to come back making it seem like Ichiban is probably on a break from being a hero.

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Mikuru Asura Appearance

It has been confirmed that a Japanese martial artist Mikuru Asura would be featured in Yakuza 8. Here is everything we know so far about Mikuru Asura’s appearance in Yakuza 8.

Asura was invited as a guest to take a tour of the RGG studio. The first glimpse of Yakuza 8 was then shown to him. The exclusive footage from the new Yakuza game was then posted by Asura. Famitsu a popular video game outlet covered the entire story along with Asura’s Interview.

Asura was invited as a guest as he is set to be featured in the new game. We might see his character as a part of a sidequest and he might engage Ichiban in a fight.

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According to Famitsu, Yakuza 8 is set to feature a brand-new town. However, not much is known about this alleged town. But fans can expect another wonderful open-world experience in this new town. Players are hyped for a new map, locations, and side quests.

According to Yokoyama, the story would be set in the same year as the game’s release. The game is expected to release around 2023 so the era set in the game might be the same as well. This is interesting as the game could refer to a lot of real-life events. Yokoyama further stated that the game would be a continuation of the story in Yakuza Like a Dragon set a few years after the events of the game.

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Turn-Based Combat

Combat scene from Yakuza
Yakuza – Combat

The game would retain the same JRPG style with turn-based combat mechanics. Not much is known about the game’s combat, however, fans expect similar mechanics to Yakuza Like a Dragon. We may also see much more essence special moves.

Not much is known about playable characters, but it would be interesting to see many “Yakuza: Like a Dragon” characters making a comeback. Furthermore, RGG studio may introduce more characters for Yakuza 8 with their combat style.

With that, we wrap up our list of things that you need to know about Yakuza 8. There still isn’t much information out there but you can bet that we’ll keep you updated on everything that there is to know about the game. 


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