YouTuber Recreates McDonald’s In Far Cry 5’s Map Editor

Eating Big Mac's while killing cultists is the new Far Cry high.

FPS has become one of the most popular genres in contemporary gaming. Its meteoric rise is remarkable for a medium that only started gaining popularity in the late 90s, and the credit for that goes to its mega franchises. Shotting games arguably have the most diverse roster of popular AAA titles, ranging from Call of Duty to Far Cry.

We all know about the former, but the latter has made a name for itself by mixing brilliant stories and villains with good old FPS action.

Ubisoft‘s franchise is immensely popular, and the success of Far Cry 5 in 2018 showcased that. Even though it’s been 5 years since its release, the game still keeps on giving as someone made a McDonald’s inside it using the map editor.

Major Takeaways

  • Creator Mojo Swoptops recreated their local McDonald’s in Far Cry 5.
  • This re-creation of the franchise was done via the Xbox Series X in-game map editor.
  • We can see how the YouTuber kept the eerie nature of the game in their McDonald’s.

YouTuber Mojo Swoptops is responsible for this peculiar creation in Far Cry 5. By using the game’s in-game map editor on the Xbox Series X, the creator was able to achieve this feat. And as you can see in the video below, it looks pretty great. 

In the 101-second video, we get a full tour of this McDonald’s franchise in Far Cry 5’s Hope County. According to the video description, the YouTuber first went to their local McDonald’s to capture footage. Only after this were they able to recreate the fast food franchise in the Ubisoft game. 

According to Mojo Swoptops, the process was really fun, and adding the details to the location made it enjoyable. But, this really wasn’t that easy as it took the creator almost 5 hours to fully complete this project. When you see the results, however, it all feels very worth it.

We can see the famous McDonald’s sign in Far Cry 5 as soon as the video starts. After entering the location, it is apparent that this isn’t just any normal franchise of the fast food giant. It is completely empty, with fast food on the tables, no one behind the counter, and blood under a broom.

Someone’s birthday balloons are still hanging on a table in the video, and we can see paper all around the floor. Hence, the YouTuber didn’t recreate just any McDonald’s but took inspiration from a real location and fit it into Far Cry 5’s theme. When we go behind the counter, this influence is apparent. 

Far Cry 5 McDonald's
Inside the Far Cry 5 McDonald’s

In the kitchen, electricity is whirring from several appliances, showcasing they are broken and left behind. A person is lying on the floor in the corner, and we can only see their legs. You can miss it if you blink as it goes off the screen in the second. 

The lifeless body resonates with the theme of Far Cry 5 and keeps its eeriness even in this happy location. Hence, the re-creation of McDonald’s in the game is remarkable and fits into it like a glove. It doesn’t even feel like a third-party creation due to its emptiness and condition. 

Mojo Swoptops has done this before too, and has made several popular establishments in Far Cry 5. They have recreated a Greggs, a Lidl store, and a Tesco Car Park in the game via the Xbox Series X in-game map editor. You can see these videos and see the obvious talent this creator possesses. 

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