Yusuke Hashimoto Working As The Game Designer Of Street Fighter 6

The Bayonetta 2 and Resident Evil 4 Game Designer is working on Street Fighter 6!

Street Fighter 6 has just been announced by Capcom through a 40-second teaser. This reveal comes after a mysterious week-long countdown on the Capcom page. The CG trailer features Ryu and Luke fighting as usual in Street Fighter. This teaser has already created enough hype for the game, with fans looking forward to the sequel. But, a new announcement from someone working on the game has the players even more excited for Street Fighter 6.

Yusuke Hashimoto has revealed that he is working on Street Fighter 6 as a Game Designer. The Bayonetta 2 and Resident Evil 4 Game Designer announced this through a Tweet. Hashimoto seems excited to work on the new Street Fighter as he said, “I’m pleased to share that I’m working on it as one of the game designers. Please look forward to further news!

Yusuke Hashimoto is one of the best designers in the industry, so this is fantastic news for Street Fighter 6. Hashimoto‘s work on the Bayonetta franchise is his best and most popular. He was a producer in the original Bayonetta game. But Bayonetta 2 is where he shined and showed us his talent. Hashimoto was the Director and Game Designer of Bayonetta 2, and his work on the game got universal acclaim.

Hashimoto has also done some work for other games and studios. Initially, he was at Capcom and did work on the Resident Evil games for the studio. He later moved to Platinum Games a little while later to work as a producer and enemy designer on Bayonetta. So, this will be a return to Capcom for the Game Designer.

Hashimoto is a brilliant addition to the Street Fighter 6 roster. Even people who aren’t captivated by Street Fighter are now taking an interest in the game. This hire has increased the anticipation for Street Fighter 6 even more, and fans can’t wait to see what Hashimoto does with the sequel.

We don’t know much else about Street Fighter 6 as of now. The reveal only happened a few hours ago, and only a short teaser was part of this announcement. The ending did say that fans have to wait till Summer 2022 for more news about the game. Interestingly so, the teaser shows no platforms for Street Fighter 6. Therefore, fans are also speculating if the game will come out on Xbox or only on the PS5 and Windows PC, considering Street Fighter 5′s platforms. Hopefully, we see it on all platforms.

Yusuke Hashimoto is a hire of excellent pedigree for Street Fighter. He is someone that raises the expectations for a game. And his previous work and CV have certainly increased our anticipation for Street Fighter 6. But we can only wait to see what Hashimoto produces, and hopefully, it’s an enjoyable experience like all his previous works.

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