Resident Evil 2 Randomizer Lets You Play The Game With RE1’s Cast

This complex new randomizer adds a lot of customization to the original game, making it even more fun.

Every gaming genre has that one game that kicks it off and brings it to the limelight. For the shooting genre, it was Doom, for the horror genre, it was none other than Resident Evil in 1996. The survival horror series is thriving to this day in the gaming world, as you can tell from the remakes and sequels.

One of these remakes was 1998’s Resident Evil 2 and which became a huge success commercially and critically. But, in no way is the original version of the sequel dead, as it is still getting some interesting content. A new randomizer mod for the game has recently come out and lets you play Resident Evil 2 with the first game’s cast and much more.

Major Takeaways

  • A new mod for Resident Evil 2 allows you to play the game with the prequel’s cast.
  • New door and dialogue randomization are also present in this mod.
  • Other basic features like enemy randomization are included, making it a full package.

User Captainkashup on ResetEra informed the masses of this new mod. This new randomizer mod for Resident Evil 2 is their creation as they say in the post. However, it’s not like any other basic randomizer and adds a ton of new features as the post tells us.

According to the user, this Resident Evil 2 mod has a new option where even doors are random. Meaning, you can open one door leading to a certain area, but it will lead to a completely random site. It’s the most complex mod according to the creator and their IntelOrca programmer helped achieve that.

Next up, the user tells us about another innovation this Resident Evil 2 mod has. Most randomizers have a completely random dialogue with the voices of all the characters mixing up. But, this specific mod takes a more cohesive approach to mix up the dialogue, and it is compelling.

Instead of just letting characters use any random voice in the game, this mod makes it so that NPCs and protagonists will only use lines from their dialogue. This will be random, but instead of hearing completely random voices on characters, there will be some order. Hence, this mod basically puts some order into this chaos.

Characters will also realize who they are talking to in this Resident Evil 2 mod. The cutscenes will use dialogue that indicates this feature and provides context. So, this randomizer has given some sense to the interactions that happen in the game. 

As you can see in the clip above from Bawkbasoup, the randomizer makes Resident Evil 2 very funny. In the scene, Sherry Bikin is falling from a crossing while a character tries to save her. The randomized dialogue makes the scene brilliant as both characters use random lines instead of screaming for help. 

Bawkbasoup played Resident Evil 2 with this randomizer on his Twitch channel. You can see some of the clips in the ResetEra post, and they are definitely worth watching. If you aren’t sold on this mod already, you will be after watching the stream.

Last but not least, this mod for Resident Evil 2 has another engrossing feature. You can play the game with the NPCs from Resident Evil 1 if you want to. Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Brad Vickers, William Birkin, Ark Thompson, Kevin Ryman, and many more are on the way.

So, if you want to play Resident Evil 2 with an entirely new cast, nothing is stopping you. There are a lot of options available for players if you want to play the game with only randomized cutscenes or just mixed-up dialogue, you can. You can easily download this mod on a PC with a Sourcenext installation of Resident Evil 2. 

The mod is available on ModDB and is called “BioRand: A Resident Evil Randomizer“. Besides all the new things, it has all the basic features of previous randomizers like randomized enemies, background music, and key item placement. If you want to enjoy Resident Evil 2 in a new way, there is no better way than this.

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