DualSense Edge Users Play Games For Longer Periods On PS5, Shows Research

The DualSense Edge Controller has proven to be a great addition for PS5.

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  • A new study delivered at the CEDEC 2023 event says that the DualSense Edge controller has caused an average rise of over 30 hours in users’ playtime per month compared to gamers using other controllers.
  • Similarly, the number of sessions for DualSense Controller users increased by an average of 18. The total number of games played by the renowned controller users also grew by an average figure of 1.3.
  • The increased stats may have also been influenced by the number of games that came out in the time period when the data was recorded for the DualSense Edge’s performance.

The CEDEC 2023 event focused on computer entertainment and games was held recently and revealed a bunch of enticing stats regarding PlayStation 5 peripherals. The study concluded that the PS5 DualSense Edge Controller users generally play games for longer and more frequently. Initially covered by 4Gamer.net, the lecture “A Review of PlayStation5 Development” focused on the console and its supporting devices.

The research data was delivered on stage by Kensei Akiyama, the General Manager of Sony Interactive Entertainment Tokyo Global Developer Technology Department. He disclosed that the DualSense Controller has been a staggering success through and through. The coveted Sony controller caused an average bump of over 30 hours in users’ monthly playtime compared to gamers utilizing other controllers.

The DualSense Edge Controller has caused increased gaming times by over 30 hours.
The DualSense Edge Controller has caused increased gaming times by over 30 hours.

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The results show that DualSense Edge players are playing longer, more frequently, and playing more game titles.” says Akiyama.

Additionally, the DualSense Edge caused an average increase of 18 sessions per month for the PlayStation 5 gamers. The total number of titles played by the popular controller owners also inflated by an average figure of 1.3. The survey period lasted from the release of the PlayStation 5, in November 2020, to four months after the DualSense Edge controller appeared on the market, in May 2023.

Overall, the average rise in figures, especially the monthly playing time, is quite an exceptional feat. While the controller has surely played a major role in the stark difference, it may have also been influenced by the number of games that were released in the time period when the data was recorded.

Akiyama also comments about the most used setting of the DualSense Edge controller, which proved to be the renowned “custom profiles” feature. The results may have been directed by the fact that button assignments must be made before using the rear buttons, the flagship feature of DualSense Edge controllers. 

Hence, the button assignment feature stood out as the most frequently used setting on DualSense Edge, followed by stick sensitivity, tremor strength, trigger effect strength, button disable, and trigger dead zone.

The number of PSVR 2 compatible games have increased by a large margin after its launch.
The number of PSVR 2 compatible games has increased by a large margin after its launch.

Akiyama focused on many other significant particulars, such as the success of PSVR 2 in various regions around the globe and how differently it is used in various regions. Moreover, 53 entries were compatible after launching on PSVR 2. The number has now skyrocketed to 97 as of August 25, and “the number is steadily expanding,” as per Akiyama. Lastly, Sony will keep focusing on bringing more accessibility features to PS5.

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