Focus Entertainment Acquires “Isonzo” Developer, Blackhill Games

The company will keep its name and will continue to develop its WW1 series.

Focus Entertainment has acquired yet another studio to expand its roster. Focus Group is the publisher behind some of the most significant franchises, including A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, and Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Focus Entertainment is on a mission to acquire a “federation of studios,” as previously stated.

The recent studio acquired by the giant company is Blackhill Games. Blackhill Games is well-renowned for producing FPS multiplayer titles, the latest titles like the popular WW1 shooters Verdun and Tannenberg. The studio is brewing another anticipated game called “Isonzo,” which is slated to release on September 13th.

Focus Entertainment is reportedly acquiring MSH’s majority stake in Blackhill Games’ major WW1 game series B.V. The rest of the stake will still be held by the Danish studio, Blackhill Games. However, Focus Group has confirmed that Blackhill Games will continue to develop its WW1 Game Series and will keep its name. 

The CEO of Focus Entertainment, Christophe Nobileau, defined the acquisition of Blackhill as “a great addition to Focus Entertainment portfolio” to the company’s “federation of talents.

Christophe praised the Blackhill Games studio. He added, “The studio has already shown strong DNA and identity, and has proven to be expert on delivering immersive, authentic, and realistic multiplayer FPS experiences with its WW1 Game Series – one of the references of First World War shooters,” 

Moreover, the CEO showed contentment with the deal. Christophe continued, “We’re looking forward to working with Jos and his team, and to continue delivering new unique experiences.” The CEO of Blackhill Games, Jos Hoebe, also showed positivity during the statement.

Blackmill CEO Jos Hoebe stated that shaking hands with Focus Group will help the upcoming Isonzo “reach its full potential.

Jos cited, “I’m proud and excited for the upcoming launch of Isonzo, and by teaming up with Focus Entertainment, which is a larger and more experienced partner, and will help the series to reach its full potential.” Jos also commented on how this acquisition will benefit the WW1 Game Series.

Jos continued, “WW1 Games Series will undoubtedly benefit from Focus’s track record on the FPS genre.” Moreover, Jos also stated that “same dedication and passion” can be expected from its games “but elevated to new heights with Isonzo and this new partnership.” 

This acquisition will not affect the titles by Blackhill Games studio, and the upcoming anticipated Isonzo game will also release tomorrow as initially announced. This deal is a two-way relationship that will push Blackhill Games’ potential to new heights due to extra funding. 

Isonzo is a multiplayer FPS and the third installment in WW1 Game Series. It takes place in the olden WW1 era on the Italian Front. Players will clash against each other to experience hardcore mountain warfare with WW1-era weapons. A new game mode with multi-map battles will deliver an exotic experience for new and veteran players alike. 

What are your thoughts about the Focus Entertainment acquisition with Blackhill Games? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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