German Government Is Investing In A Game With NFT Technology

The state is investing 50,000 Euros in a Blockchain Game

The digital currency has taken over the world in the last few years. Everyone from rich billionaires to working-class people is investing in this gamble. NFT’s are a more recent production of this digital world and they are all over the world. The gaming industry has also made use of this technology with many publishers – like Konami – making special edition NFT’s for franchises. Games containing Blockchain technology are in development and one game even has a state financier.

The German state is funding a game that uses the NFT and Blockchain technology. The project is called Evolution Against Humanity and is a zombie game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Black Wasabi is developing the idea. Media Foundation RLP is supporting the project and working together with the Black Wasabi team. The foundation has set aside 50,000 Euros for the game. RLP received 82 applications on their online portal for funding. Nine of these were from the gaming division and Evolution Against Humanity won the state’s funding.

German Government Is Investing In A Game With NFT Technology
Evolution Against Humanity description

The game is a zombie-based survival thriller where the player has to survive in a harsh world. The game uses the NFT’s in a clever manner. Unique items throughout the world are obtained via NFT’s and Blockchain is then used to trade them. The land is also tradeable through cryptocurrency. So, the game integrates digital currency in a very well-designed manner. This makes it a very interesting prospect and one that deserves funding.

NFT elements aside, the game also has some traditional survival stuff. You can explore its map and travel anywhere. The player has a backpack and a tent which can be used for survival. Other key aspects are fighting zombies, looting, crafting, and forming communities. Hence, the game has a lot of fun elements besides digital currency.

German Government Investing In A Game With NFT Technology
Features that Black Wasabi are offering.

The aim of the state fund is to help innovative designers complete their projects. Young designers who don’t have enough money to complete their first project can submit the concept and get funding. But, this is the first time the state has funded NFT based game. So, this is a very interesting move by the foundation and suggests the government’s interest in NFT’s. 

All of us can feel the impact of NFT’s at present. Recently, Mike Shinoda from Linken Park defended the use of NFTs in games. Everyone is trading them and a state government funding a crypto-based project just enhances their influence. NFT’s divide opinions a lot, but it’s safe to say that no matter what anyone thinks of them, they are here to stay. A government investing in them just further ensures their longevity. We would love to know your thoughts regarding this. Leave a comment below telling us what you think about this.

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