Konami Is Releasing NFTs on Castlevania’s 35th Anniversary

A special 35th anniversary NFT will be released in celebration of Castlevania

Castlevania is one of the oldest and most popular Konami titles of all time alongside the likes Metal Gear Solid. The franchise, which started from earlier systems, has made its way into modern consoles. To celebrate one of their biggest and most popular franchises, Konami Is releasing NFTs on Castlevania’s 35th anniversary

The Konami Memorial NFT series will be released to celebrate the franchise. This is a very modern way of celebrating a rather old IP. The action-adventure series will have its NFT auction on January 12. Here the fans will participate in a live auction to obtain it. However, the purchaser will not obtain intellectual property rights with the NFT purchase. This means Konami is also joining the NFT craze through their oldest franchise.

The collection will be put up for worldwide auction on OpenSea (a popular NFT trading platform) from the following times:

  • (US East) Jan.12 17:00 – Jan.14 21:00 EST
  • (US West) Jan.12 14:00 – Jan.14 18:00 PST
  • (UK) Jan.12 22:00 – Jan.15 02:00 GMT
  • (Japan) Jan.13 07:00 – Jan.15 11:00 JST
Konami Is Releasing NFTs on Castlevania's 35th Anniversary
Castlevania 35th Anniversary NFT

This hasn’t gone down very well with the fans of the series. Replies under ResetEra blasted the company for using the franchise like this. The fans just wanted an old-school celebration. But Konami has instead chosen a more current way to celebrate to the dismay of fans. This development has disappointed fans of the series. But, Konami using Castlevania for NFTs doesn’t come as a surprise. 

Many fans think this new trend of NFTs is destroying their old memories. But, even after so much criticism, most companies are sticking with this new direction. There is no doubt that fans miss the traditional celebrations with unique wallpapers. So, this NFT anniversary has not gone down well.

Fans can take part and obtain a lot of Castlevania art, including pixel art, wallpapers, and much more. According to fans, Konami could have released the Castlevania games on all platforms instead of going into the NFT craze. But Konami  – predictably – chooses the money route and not that of fan service. Hence this celebration has rightly angered fans.

The media franchise about vampire hunters has been around for a long time. Set in the castle of Count Dracula, it was first released in 1986. Since then, multiple games and spin-offs have been released. The Castlevania series has 36 games and many more cameo games. So, the fans consider this NFT auction a smudge on the scarcity of the series. 

No matter how much the fans hate the NFT trend, companies will move forward with it. Devoted fans who like the concept of NFTs will always be there to buy them. So, NFT’s of franchises like Castlevania will become a norm, regardless of the backlash.

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