GTA 6 Hacker Claims He Also Hacked Into Uber

He made the claim on his GTA forums post.

The internet is in a frenzy. It’s that time of the year again. Companies are getting hacked, and games are getting leaked. This time around it was the turn of Rockstar’s next big project and one of the most anticipated games, GTA 6.


  • GTA 6 hacker made the claim on his GTA forum post.
  • He had gained access through a simple text message to an employee.
  • The purpose of the hack is unknown.

The hacker has leaked the source code along with multiple clips of the early build of the game. This leak can setback GTA 6 production by several years as Rockstar Games scramble to find the source of the breach and secure their servers.

Learn more about the GTA 6 hack here.

But before turning his guns on Rockstar, the hacker claimed to have already attacked another company. That unfortunate victim was the American mobility service provider, Uber.

GTA 6 hacker claims to have hacked Uber
Hacker claiming the Uber breach on his GTA VI post on GTA forums.

The hacker claims that he simply sent a text to an oblivious Uber employee, pretending to be from Uber’s IT team. Who then, naively, sent their login credentials to the hacker. That’s all he needed to gain full admin access to Uber’s source code, AWS, Duo, OneLogin, G Suite, and VMware vSphere domain accounts.

Sam Curry, a hacker-turned Cyber Security expert, claimed to have talked to the hacker. He tweeted that the hacker, an 18-year-old, provided him with the screenshots that confirm the legitimacy of the hacker’s claim.

An Uber employee, talking to Sam, said they were asked to immediately stop using Slack through an urgent email from the company.

Not knowing the extent of the attack, the Uber employees kept making jokes about the hack. Well, they were in for a surprise. The hacker gained access to their slack and only after he sent a message there, did the Slack server got taken down. As another Uber employee, talking to Sam said.

Apart from leaking the source code, the hacker did not do much. It’s as if, after gaining full access, he did not know what to do with it. He hasn’t made any claims about the reason behind the hack.

Nevertheless, this hack will have far-reaching implications in the industry. How could an 18-year-old breach a multimillion-dollar company’s security so easily? Even though the breach was a result of human error, this is a wake-up call for security experts.

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