InXile Is Developing A New Game Based On “Established IP”

An employee on LinkedIn has given away the info.

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  • InXile Entertainment is developing a game based on an established IP, which fans assume can be Fallout.
  • No info is available about this project, but players think it is one of the two Unreal Engine 5 projects the studio is developing.
  • The Fallout links stem from Brian Fargo, the former president of franchise creator Interplay, who is the CEO of InXile now.
  • Dune is another prediction, but only time will tell what established IP this is.

Update: The description of the job listing has since removed the mention of “Established IP.” 

Microsoft-owned studio InXile Entertainment is developing a new game based on an established IP, which fans think could be Fallout. This has come out in the open via George Williams‘ LinkedIn profile. The latter contains a mention of “Game Designer” experience for an “upcoming video game,” where the project itself based on an established IP is still under an NDA.

Former InXile Designer
Job listing of the former InXile Designer

Since 2020, two new titles have been in the works for Unreal Engine 5 by InXile, and now, it can be assumed that this mysterious project is one of these titles which could adapt to a major IP like Dune or Fallout. Microsoft bought InXile alongside Obsidian Entertainment in 2018, thereby becoming a part of Xbox Game Studios.

We all know about Obsidian’s rich history in RPG games and its hyped upcoming projects like Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2. But, InXile, too, has also made some great RPG titles like the Wasteland trilogy and The Bard’s Tale.

After releasing Wasteland 3 in 2020, the studio has been working on two new games for Xbox in Unreal Engine 5. Project Cobalt, the developer’s primary project, is a steampunk first-person shooter RPG inspired by industrial revolution-inspired tech. With a dark Victorian-era environment, retro robots, and steam engines, players know what to expect from this title. However, not much info is available about the other project in pre-production.

Therefore, fans have reason to believe that the secretive game in this job listing is this other UE5 title due to the lack of details present for both projects. Players have also started guessing which IP could be in the works at InXile under Microsoft’s guidance. One common guess is a new Fallout title. And, when you consider the links between the franchise and the studio, it doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Brian Fargo, the founder of InXile, was also the president of Fallout creator Interplay Productions when the game came out. Hence, it won’t be too nonsensical to assume that the video game designer is handling the franchise again. Predictions include a new spin-off or a remake of the first two Fallout games, which involved Fargo. But these are just guesses right now, and nothing is official.

One other common forecast is that InXile could be making a new Dune game. Unlike the Fallout theory, there isn’t much evidence to here besides a meet-up between David Lynch and Brian Fargo in 2021. InXile also posts Dune-related stuff on its Twitter account, but considering how it Tweets random stuff all the time, this isn’t really proof. Hence, Dune is a flimsy pick, but you can never say never in the gaming industry.


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