Avowed’s Internal Reboot Resulted In Better Vision, Says Insider

The game seems to be coming along nicely, development being boosted after the internal reboot.

Avowed is a new endeavor by the developers behind The Outer Worlds and Fallout: New Vegas that blends real-time combat, magic, and a big world set in the Pillars of Eternity universe to explore. The new IP from Obsidian is reminiscent of Skyrim, with combat combining swords and magic, and is also rumored to feature muskets.

It’s been a while since any official footage of the game was shown, and an official unveiling remains imminent. With so many games in the cauldron, fans had expressed concern for the upcoming RPG, but the latest rumor claims that it is brewing quite well, as reported by a prominent industry insider, Jez Corden.

Major Takeaway:

  • Avowed is supposedly going to impress a vast array of gamers, likely due to its bug-free state and outstanding gameplay upon release.
  • The internal reboot saw a change in the development team and the creative directors, leading to an enhanced development speed and a better vision.
  • The game’s approach has changed for the better ever since the internal reboot several years ago.

Jez Corden, the editor from Windows Central, talked about Avowed on Twitter, citing that it will impress many people. Despite reassuring the anxious fans, the statement naturally raised more questions, to which Jez also responded. 

He discussed the game’s development process, confirming that the internal reboot indeed took place, as rumored in the past. Moreover, Jez also stated that the internal reboot improved the overall development.

Jez expressed how the change in the development team and the creative directors led to better performance and fast development overall. The change resulted in the first vertical slice under the new direction being created much more quickly than the original one. Avowed’s pacing and vision have supposedly improved immensely after the internal reboot.

Furthermore, in a now-deleted tweet, Jez Corden also revealed a blurred image, showing Avowed in a very vague photo that the community and AI alike could not seem to enhance. A screenshot of the dimmed image is shared below. It isn’t easy to figure out what the image is trying to portray. 

The insider, in a now-deleted tweet, teased Avowed’s blurred image.

It appears like two magical orbs/disks in the hand of the main character, but the actual results could be anyone’s guess. We have not seen anything official since the announcement trailer, and the initial reveal during last year’s E3 Xbox and Bethesda event. 


We have since secured a clearer and unblurred version of the image that can be viewed below.


Obsidian Entertainment is evidently forging various games that it seeks to release once every year until 2026, as reported heavily by rumors. The following year will hopefully see the release of Obsidian Entertainment’s attempt at crafting Avowed, which is an Elder Scrolls-like first-person RPG set in the same universe as Pillars of Eternal.

Moreover, the team has also recently shown interest in developing a whole new Fallout game during an interview. The future of Obsidian is looking quite bright and occupied with many games in development. However, it is unclear when Avowed will release; it is slated to arrive on PC, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X, and the Series S. 

What are your thoughts about Obsidian Entertainment’s new AAA first-person RPG, Avowed, being developed smoothly after the internal reboot? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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