No More Heroes’ Director Wants To Create A New Deadpool Game

Goichi Suda wants to collaborate with Marvel on a new Deadpool game!

Deadpool has been featured in many television series and movies from Marvel and even had a standalone game that was released back in 2013, Deadpool. The game was developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision but we haven’t heard anything regarding the game from either company since. While the game was massively successful, there have been no announcements or even rumours of a sequel. Enthusiasts of the franchise want a sequel to Deadpool and one of them is the director of No More Heroes himself.

Yesterday, Goichi Suda (better known by his alias, SUDA51) sat down for an interview with IGN Japan, in which he talked about his newly released game, No More Heroes III. However, what caught the audience’s attention was when he mentioned that he would like to collaborate with Marvel on a new Deadpool game.

“The broad answer is we already have a lot of products that are in development,” he said (translated). “and over the next 10 years we have three original IPs that we’re working on and we have already planned out. So you can definitely look forward to a lot of new, interesting original IPs from Grasshopper. We also of course have other plans and are working hard on them to bring them to fruition.”

Near the end of the interview, he further stated, “But [in terms of] the kind of things I’d love to do, I’d also love to work with Marvel on a Shatterstar or Deadpool game, something sort of Grasshopper-y like that. Maybe a Quicksilver title of some sort. So, Marvel, you know.”

Of course, this isn’t confirmation for a new Deadpool game. However, as fanatics of the franchise, we’d really like to see a sequel to the 2013 masterpiece! Hopefully, Marvel takes note of this and revives the franchise. Deadpool was unexpectedly removed from Steam in November 2017 and the game isn’t allowed to be sold by retailers anywhere.

Given the success of the No More Heroes franchise, it’s not unlikely to see a collaboration between Grasshopper Manufacture and Marvel. Deadpool is also an already established character that a vast majority of the audience likes. It really wouldn’t be a bad idea for both companies to collaborate on a new game for the infamous merc with a mouth!

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