Rockstar Dedicated To Strengthening Security In Light Of Recent Events

Rockstar is looking for an "Investigation Analyst" to improve security, with a strong background in intelligence gathering.

The recent Rockstar hack shook the very industry to its very core and has started various debates on the ethicality of leaks and the various ramifications they have on not only the companies but also the individuals that are working on the leaked projects.

Rockstar Games is now reportedly looking for an Investigation Analyst to improve its surveillance and security measures to make sure that this does not happen again.

Major Takeaways:

  • Rockstar is looking for an Investigation Analyst.
  • The applicant is desired to have a “strong background in intelligence gathering, monitoring, and reporting.”

Following the hack, Rockstar’s response was that it was unfazed by the attack and that development would continue at the same pace that it had.

Unfazed as Rockstar may be, they surely were very disappointed and would not be blamed if they were to make sure this never happens again, considering how notorious they are in the industry for being extremely secretive.

Now, a new job listing seems to suggest that Rockstar has started to take relevant measures and actions in order to strengthen its security. The job listing is for an “Investigation Analyst” and lists various things that may pique the interest of many. However, there is one thing in the description that stands out:

Rockstar is looking for a dedicated analyst to assist in driving our various Security and HR initiatives. The successful candidate is committed to keeping our games and services fun for our players through defense against cheaters, hackers, exploiters, and any and all troublemakers. If you consider yourself an expert and champion in Open Source Intelligence, various types of investigations, monitoring and preparing reports on individual subjects then this may be the job for you.

The job was first posted on June 10, 2022, but it got updated recently on September 23, 2022, probably in the wake of the attack. The description and responsibilities also state that not only will the individual perform investigations of departments but possibly individual subjects as well.

The responsibilities include monitoring potential threats, assisting in investigations, preparing reports on investigations and intelligence analysis, and responding to “emergency situations and security incidents.”

Rockstar security job listing
The responsibilities of the Investigation Analyst

The individual will be required to also support the day-to-day operations of the Investigations program, likely to keep departments and individuals in check to prevent further leaks and to “Monitor and maintain intelligence on various threat actors.” The individual would also be required to Assist in responding to emergency situations and security incidents.”

Rockstar Investigation analyst new job qualifications
The qualifications required of the Investigation Analyst

Of particular interest here are the qualifications:

  • Strong background in intelligence gathering, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Experience conducting various types of investigations.

Goes to show Rockstar is very serious about combating this issue and making sure it doesn’t happen again. The qualifications require the individual to have a strong background in intelligence gathering, monitoring, and reporting, probably to best identify possible threats to the secrecy of Rockstar’s in-development projects.

The individual is also required to have experience in conducting different types of investigations, so that no matter the situation, they would be able to overcome and perform the job in the most efficient manner possible.

Rockstar is seemingly very dedicated to keeping things even more secret from now on, as they should be. As the game leaked in a very early stage, it has led to misunderstanding by the general consumers that the game is even mildly not impressive, leading to various issues for Rockstar.

As the game was in a very early stage it is no wonder it looked so, even though it was somewhat impressive for the trained eye and those in the know. However, it sparked massive uproar in the community as many are not privy to the details of how game development works.

Rockstar has continued to impress with each outing in the Grand Theft Auto series, and will hopefully continue to do so with GTA 6 as well. It should also be noted that several other jobs were listed by Rockstar as well. These include to name a few:

  • Motion Capture R&D Developer
  • Graphics Programmer
  • Audio Designer
  • Technical Game Designer

This comes as no surprise as the developer is still working on GTA 6. We discovered quite a lot of new things in GTA 6 as well, and hope that it will be an amazing game.

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