Everything New In GTA 6 From The Leaked Footage

A massive leak of GTA 6 dev footage has occurred and seems to showcase many new mechanics to be added to the game.

Today, a massive hack took place of Rockstar employees’ Slack conversations and tonnes of details and footage of GTA 6 have leaked. The leak consists of 90 footage and clips from the upcoming game, which is quite a staggering number. Not only that, apparently, a lot of source code has also leaked.

Major Takeaways:

  • A plethora of footage from GTA 6 has leaked, and the source code.
  • Videos showcase two protagonists, Vice City, and many new mechanics.
  • The hacker claims to have hacked employees’ Slack conversations, also that they were responsible for the recent Uber hack.

All this started from the hacker’s post in GTAForums where they claimed to have leaked “90+ .mp4 footage/videos.” The project was codenamed Americas internally, and to prove that it really is footage from the game, the hacker provided whatever skeptical forum members demanded.

GTA 6 leak Hack all new info details
The hacker’s message in their GTAForums post | Source: GTAForums

The authenticity of the leaked footage was later confirmed by Jason Schreier in a tweet later on after they confirmed it from their internal sources.

As the filenames and the Windows 10 version that these builds were running on indicate, all footage is from an early build or alpha of the game and dates back to 2021 or even before that. Hence, going forward, it should be made clear that this is in no way indicative of the final version of the game or how the game will be when it releases.

Over its development cycle, a game goes through various changes as the developers test out the plausibility of mechanics and features that they plan to add to the game, and if they pass, they are added, otherwise, sometimes whole games have been known to be scrapped or completely rebooted mid-development.

Popular YouTuber LegacyKillaHD also seems to have reached out to their sources to confirm the leaks.

As is obvious, this is a very big leak, and devs are currently devastated as they await what decision management and higher-ups reach. Their very jobs or the state of the project may be in danger, and so they are indubitably worried.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the source code was also leaked by the same hacker, and so the future of the game lies uncertain, as management tries to take control of the situation all activities will be halted and this could lead to all sorts of things such as delays, layoffs, or even cancellation of the project, although the lattermost seems unlikely.

This also does not seem to be the hacker’s first stint, as they claim to have carried out the recent Uber hack, that too through employees’ Slack.

GTA 6 leak Hack all new info details
GTA 6 leaker claims to be the one who hacked Uber recently | Source: GTAForums

The veracity of the leaks was further confirmed as Take-Two has started issuing takedown requests to hosts of the leaked clips and images.

Without further ado, we shall now list everything that we were able to find in the leaked clips:

1. Protagonists:

In various closed captions and placeholder sound effect names and audio cues, as in the leaked videos, the male protagonist is referred to as “Jason”, and in several other videos is the other half of the protagonist duo, said to be named “Lucia” according to several closed captions and placeholder audio effect clip titles.

This lends credence to the rumours that GTA 6 would have a female protagonist, and that the duo will be like Bonny and Clyde.

2. Special Abilities:

Jason seems to have a special skill as the screen seems to go monotone. It can be safe to assume that special abilities/skills that first appeared in GTA 5 will be returning to GTA 6 as well. We are shown no further detail of this, nor is Lucia’s ability shown in any video, assuming she even has one. Since all protagonists had special abilities in GTA 5, we assume Lucia will have one as well.

3. Crouching, Moving, And Shooting While Crouched:

In the leaked clips, there are several that give us a look at a long-lost feature, crouching. Crouching was sadly not a feature in GTA 5, but crouching and shooting while crouching seems to have returned to the series again, although whether we will be able to dodge roll is uncertain. You can also move while crouching whether you are shooting or not.

4. Limited Inventory, Expandable Inventory:

Another interesting tidbit is that Lucia is carrying a duffle bag in one clip, which seems to be accessible in the weapon scroll with its own slots. It is highly possible that GTA 6 will have either temporary or permanent inventory slots, maybe using other objects other than bags, such as briefcases. This is still uncertain as features may change.

This also leads us to believe that GTA 6 will have limited inventory slots. The video above shows about five slots 1for weapons, and one slot for a melee weapon. The duffle bag seems to add two more slots.

5. Prone Position And Moving While Prone:

In one specific clip, Jason seems to be crawling. We can say that in addition to crouching, the prone position and moving while prone will also be new mechanics added to the game, with both of these being added for the first time in the history of the GTA series. Perhaps this alludes to stealth possibly being present to some extent in the game.

6. Stealth:

Perhaps GTA 6 will now even have advanced stealth options, which would make sense since crouching and prone positions have been added, but they might as well be to avoid gunfire for all we know, as the game is far from release, and only then will we know.

However, one video did show devs trying to test enemy AI detecting players while in the enemies’ field of view. Moreover, the new ‘pick-up bodies’ option also hints toward stealth as we may be required to hide bodies to avoid detection and suspicion from wary, patrolling enemies.

7. Weapon Picking Up Animations:

It seems that GTA 6 will have many improvements in the animation department. This was seen in a specific clip in which a dev was seemingly testing the feature out. It leads us to believe characters will now have separate animations for picking up weapons.

Moreover, in other clips, we can see that Jason has weapons slung on his shoulder. This adds a layer of reality to the game as weapon slinging is common when wielding multiple weapons.

8. Partners In Crime:

One clip showed both protagonists together in what appeared to be a typical motel room. This clearly nods towards them being in a relationship or possibly, partners in crime, further adding to the Bonnie and Clyde-themed game rumours. In another video, they are also shown robbing a diner together and shooting at the police.

9. Will Release On PS4:

There was one clip that was very interesting. It appeared to show an area similar to the airport, however, that is not the interesting part. In the video, it seemed that the game was running on a PlayStation 4 dev kit. A GDK (Game Development Kit) or dev kit as it is often shortened, is a program that helps developers tend to titles and create games themselves.

Since we are well into the next-gen currently and will be more so when GTA 6 releases, it is quite surprising that it would be in development for the previous generation of consoles. We can not yet say with certainty whether it will be a cross-gen title as the port may even be completely scrapped depending on progress made on the port.

Since this is also an early build of the game dating back to 2021 or even before, we can’t say that it will arrive on last-gen consoles, or all of them anyway as the only clip is for the PS4, and no other last-gen consoles.

10. Hovercrafts:

Hovercrafts seem to be making a return to the series after GTA: San Andreas. There was a clip that showed a seemingly abandoned hovercraft that is manned by Jason, leading us to believe that they will indeed be drivable vehicles.

11. Pick Up Bodies:

It appears that for the first time, you can also pick up bodies in GTA 6, a first for the series. We do not know whether this is only for dead bodies or conscious/unconscious people, but time will tell. This also nods towards the possible inclusion of stealth mechanics in the game, as the player may be needed to hide bodies in order to avoid detection or even carry a wounded ally possibly.

12. Vice City:

One particular clip offered us a better and close-up look at the female protagonist Lucia and her surrounding environment. One thing of note was that the building behind her has Vice City written on it. Many other clips also indicate the setting is Vice City, such as police cars that read VCPD, and a train that has Vice City Metro written on it.

This was also heavily rumoured previously that the next setting of the GTA series would be Vice City, but now it seems very likely. People have also started making comparisons between the locations shown in the leaked videos of GTA 6 and locations in the classic game GTA: Vice City, such as the beach.

13. Travel By Subway:

A video gave us a look at what the subway may look like in GTA 6. Although this is not a new feature in the GTA series, it is for the first time that Vice City will have trains. Previous entries that had trains or subways were all set in either Liberty City or San Andreas.

It will be interesting to see whether there will be trains above ground as well, and just how much the map of Vice City will change.

14. Restraining NPCs, Surrender:

There was another clip that sparked a profound interest. It showed Jason and Lucia looting a diner with customers in broad daylight. What’s interesting is that while aiming at NPCs, different interaction options appear.

One is to “Rob”, obviously. The other is to Melee”, which is also no surprise. The interesting one is “Restrain”, which makes Lucia tie up the hands of the NPC. This was previously seen in Red Dead Redemption 2, by Rockstar San Diego.

Another new option in the history of GTA games other than restraining is the “Surrender” option, which we can see near the end of the video. We assume this would allow players to surrender to the police without putting up a fight.

There existed mods and custom scripts to add this feature in GTA 5 but this is the first time it has become an official feature.

15. Takes Place After GTA 5:

In one clip we saw two NPCs having a typical GTA NPC conversation, layered with sarcasm. What’s interesting to note is that the NPCs are having a conversation about Jay Norris and whether he really is dead or not.

Jay Norris was the CEO of Life Invader in GTA 5 before being killed by Michal. So, it is safe to say that GTA 6 is set after 2013.

16. Strip Club:

There was a clip that gave us a look at both Jason and Lucy supposedly during a mission in the game, as both are together during this sequence. Strip Clubs seem to be a signature feature of the GTA series and with this one set in Vice City, who knows, it may even be the Malibu Club in the future.

17. Alterable Car Interiors:

One video offered us a better look at the interior of a car, which can be made out to be of the brand Pegassi from the GTA world, and easily recognizable by any GTA veteran.

It also shows that we possibly may be able to adjust the rear-view mirror, open the glove box, adjust the armrest, and seat position. However, we are not aware if these are features or if the devs just adjusting the positioning of objects.

18. Cloth Physics:

In another video, Lucia was wearing a different outfit than the one seen in other videos. This one has a skirt, and the dev seems to be checking the cloth physics. As Lucia turns round and round, the skirt reacts dynamically and twirls and has other relevant changes according to the game’s physics.

19. Blocking:

Moreover, a kind of blocking mechanic can also be seen with both melee weapons, empty hands, and guns, in not one but several videos.

However, the filename for several of these body positions and frames mentions “underfire” so we can not be sure whether to regard this as blocking or just something the character does when under fire from enemies.

20. Jetpack:

YouTube video

In a now-deleted tweet, Tom Henderson linked to a video and stated in the tweet that several thousands of lines from the leaked source code mentioned “jetpack”, however, whether the Jetpack returns is still difficult to say until the game is released but we can be hopeful.

The video is on Tom’s own YouTube channel and features a slowly progressing drawing of GTA 6, ending with a female on the ground wielding a gun, and a male in the air riding a jetpack. We can assume it to point toward Jason and Lucia, and the jetpack suspicion.

21. WhatUp Messaging App:

Several videos also seemed to show a “WhatUp!” messaging app, obviously a parody of the real-world messaging app WhatsApp.

This is all that is currently known about the upcoming GTA 6 based on the leaks that surfaced. However, it should be noticed that it is all, as previously stated, from an early build of GTA 6 dating back to 2021 or even earlier. The game is most possibly in a very different state currently and will continue to change until it releases.

This can be further explained by the fact that many objects and NPCs have very low-res textures, not to mention that placeholder names and the name of the audio files themselves are used for audio close captioning.

Thus, people should not be disappointed by how the game looks. Time and time again, Rockstar has amazed us with each entry in the GTA series, and will hopefully do so again with GTA 6.

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